Releasing Is Just A Decision

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How do you Release?

How do you heal stress?

Healing stress in marriage, your job, your money or anywhere in your life is easy when you see it’s all a point of view.

Things that come up in your marriage or with money causing you stress are easy to release if you see it depends on your attitude.

Let me put it yet another way.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on.

It’s your attitude toward it that counts.

You decide, whatever comes up, you’re going to relax or you’re going to have stress.

You heal situations when you release, meaning let go of the stressful feelings you’re having.

Stress relief happens when you decide to relax.

You relax when you decide to let go of the stress.

It’s just a decision.

If you get all riled up about the economy, or money, or about your marriage, how does it help anything?

All you get is more stress, right?

You can never get to relaxation by using the route called stress.

Yet, isn’t that what you’re doing?

Something happens you don’t like.

You blow up.

Do a little stress test right now.

Does blowing up give you more stress or less stress?

Does blowing up relax you?

Of course, not.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But that’s exactly what you do.

You decided how to handle stress beginning when you were in the crib.

Your mother didn’t feed you when you were hungry and you pitched a fit.

Promptly she showed up and fed you.

So you said, hmmm, that worked pretty good.

And, you’re still doing it even though now it doesn’t work so good.

Get this.

Relaxation does not come by using stress to fix stress.

Relaxation comes from relaxing in the face of stress.

When something crazy happens in your marriage or with your money or whatever, see what is happening.

Instead of the automatic reaction of flipping out, relax, release, let go.

When you do that, the situation will resolve or it won’t bother you.

Your spouse could run off with the neighbor.

You money could all disappear.

You do not have to be affected.

It’s a decision.

You make a smart decision when you see using those stressful emotions never accomplishes anything but more stress.

Happy Releasing Tam S of Release Technique

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