The Endless Song That Plays Loudest When I Am Quiet

Now how do I quieten this song that plays endlessly in my heart?

A song that keeps me awake when I should be sleeping in the middle of the night.

It talks of how I should be wary of the ego that I boldly defend.

And ego that has made me more enemies of men I would prefer to be friends.

I talk about a culture that is so magical and yet possible.

The same principle I tire to function because I have well documented I fear the incredible.

I then point fingers at physical matter my mind influenced the formless to mould & create as the cause of my lack and limitation.

Not realising that I receive by giving the love and respect I demand of the Universe – passion only leads to instant manifestation.

I focus my thought on a desire and literaly ask of it who I need to Become in order for me to find myself against her bosom.

Softly she will start singing songs only I can her, without end, as if my heart is in a constant blosom.

A song I need to be still so to hear and allow myself to be guided by.

And it is only in stillness that she is at the loudest, and I can’t help but cry.

I cannot expect the weight of my supposed past failures to carry me into a prosperous future.

I need to be in the present, in body, mind and soul, so to experience the abundance & power of the moment – I am co-creator.

The songs speaks of roads I must take in order for the spirit to grow fonder through the experiences of the body.

I thus plan my journey according to the lyrics I hear in the mind so not to leave my God-given desires lonely.

“What you focus on expands.”

So I dare you to focus on how should be, not what they are, and ways which might even come in the form of songs will tell you, even show you, how.

And it is in stillness that this one thought of desire is at its loudest.

Listen to the voice within, and allow yourself to be effortlessly led – with acts & deeds that feel as if their flowing and not force – to the desire that you are attract it to you and thus you to it.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Napoleon Hill, Law Of Success: Lesson 4 – The Habit Of Saving

“Form the habit of thinking and talking of prosperity and abundance, and very soon material evidence of these will begin to manifest itself in the nature of wider opportunity and new and unexpected opportunity.” ~
Napoleon Hill, Law Of Success: Lesson 4 – The Habit Of Saving.

A 16 lesson course that was summarized to the now commonly known Think & Grow Rich

How To Make Money Doing What You Love

@thube asked me when last I updated and with my recent Loral Langemeir add on MySpace, with her asking me how far I am with my cash machine, a thought came to me:

Money, like all physical things, began as a thought.

An idea.

This thought, formless, can be turned into cash money in exchange for much needed services or products.

And since everyone things about money – how scarce it is or how abundant it is – one could say money, in its formless, is in the air.

Much like love, but then again in a mystical way is there a difference?

Bob Proctor said in You Were Born Rich that “you must love people and use money.”

Which makes sense since appreciating the gift giver more than the gift can only led to the giver feeling compeled to give more.

Or at least would find it much easier to give than if the receipt were to be an ungrateful receiver.

I don’t know about you but if someone does flips and goes on a headspin after giving them a presie, I wouldn’t mind giving her more of them ’cause the act also makes me feel good.

…maybe that’s how God feels…maybe that’s what fuels the Universe…it can’t help BUT give.

Because it feels good, with lucrative returns included!

So if find a need that I can satisfy and that is how I receive money.

Getting to keep it and make this money work for me is another matter.

Actually, here is a recommendation that will link you up to America’s Money Making Expert (or is it “Millionaire Making Expert?” …same thing), President of Loral Langemeier who said to have authoured Millionaire Maker, and Put More Cash In Your Pocket.

I Feel The Need To Go Back To The Spirit

As you read keep in mind that God can never Not Be the Universe, as much as the Universe can never Not Be God. Since God, like the Universe, is all there is.

I feel like another Conversations with God
, a story told by @_NealeDWalsch about how man should, upon walking out the door, interact with the would as if it is plastic. And can be moulded according to our desires by just simply doing every act with love.

Especially when we don’t feel “loving,” it is then when we should practice the love that is repeated refered to in Conversations with God.

Because that in itself is a Conversations with God
, for the act of “love giving” is a form of a prayer to God wich will then return back to the sender the physical equivalent of the love that was giving.

On face value this could be regarded as crap, especially when you are of the school that God only answers some of your prayers, if any, and should not be expected to give you your heart’s desires.

Because God is a punishing God, you say.

God has made it so that some of us are rich and some poor.

Going against what God has laid down for us is sinful, and therefore for the devil.

That is why we should fear God or else we will go to hell for our sins.

Only the chosen have direct communication to God, because God is over there…and I am here.

If this is the limited God of conditional love – the One who gives free will and yet punishes you for exercising this will freely – then The Complete Conversations with God
is was went for you, maybe even highly so.

It states why mankind is experiencing what it is currently experiencing, and this won’t change until the idea of Who We Are changes.

This “renewing of the mind” would be made easier if we come to know who and what God really is.

And God is love.

Eternal, unconditional, unlimited, abundance, spiritual, never ceasing, without end.

The Alpha and Omega.

It’s about time you knew the truth about your religion – because the Truth will set you free.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. Conversation with God is a threek Book triology, tautology I know, and reference are made to all 3 books. Hence the The Complete Conversations with God recommendation.

“love is all there is.”

One Of The Things I Learned From Robert Collier…

“…but you remember the story of the famous Saint of Italy, who traveled from town to town healing the lame, the halt, and the blind.

A pilgrim hastening to a town where the Saint was expected met two lame beggars hurrying away.

He asked them the reason for their haste, to be told, to his astonishment, it was because the Saint was coming to town.

As they put – “He will surely heal us, and where will our livelihood be then?”

So it is with many people today – not beggars, mind you – but people in every walk of life.

They have become so wedded to their ailments; they “enjoy poor health” so thoroughly, that they are secrectly a bit proud of it.

Take away their complaints and they would be lost without them.”Robert Collier, Secret of the Ages