Emotions Are Like A Passing Parade…

I’m only tired because a portion of my energy is locked from not loving someone or something.

Now how can I love someone who hurts me?

This is my pride talking.

We tend to flaunt our sensitive pride as sensitive egos, that we choose not to confine, just waiting to be attacked so they can counter-attack like an endless “bubble of anger” that bounces from one thing or person to another all the way to work and back.

An emotion – energy in motion – of anger we hold still and thus concentrating thoughts – just like in a form of a prayer or deep meditation – of whys and hows until we either get sick or another almost similiar experience manifests.

A prayer or meditation is a prolong thought about a thing, held with a corresponding feeling with the conscious or unconscious intent of seeing it become physical.

Which it does in one form or another. It depends on how clear the image(s) was during the prayer/ meditation/ creative process.

For those not in the know We create all that we have through the intentional intensity or repetition of our thought(s).

And by holding on to an energy in motion, an emotion, you are in fact creating a corresponding manifestation of that emotion.

That’s how we create.

We work at holding an emotion of an image we would like or – in the case of fear and worry – not like to experience and then go out in to the world expecting to experience it…which we do.

It’s hard to swallow I know, why do you think I’ve been making repeated updates regarding this concept?

I try to get my head around this by emphasizing with repetition.

We repeat for emphasise.

Because like it says on the Bible I enjoy quoting selectively: What I pray for, God answers, even before I ask.

It’s called co-creation something I will go in-depth on at a later stage.

I’ve opened a lot of brain teasers with this update, especially when it comes to the technique of releasing limiting self defeating beliefs which is in alignment with what I wrote about in my MySpace blog.

Other issues that have come out for me are questions I need to hear being answered from within, like how I can release the hurt I feel from being disrespected and humiliated from someone I love…oh well there’s always chocolate for me to eat in the interim! *giggle giggle*

Until next time, I wish you love unconditional from multiple unexpected sources daily, in various forms and in abundance!

Gratefuly yours,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS I attracted this ebook for your instant download titled 7 Step Success Formula, having gotten the time to read it with me blogging and internet surfing from my Nokia 6085 Phone
, and I hope it is to your approval and benefit.

Sizo bonana!

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