It Looks Good On Paper, Practise Makes It Look Good In Real Life

Ok. As much as I have created a not so cool experience, I am more than able of creating a powerful and positive one!

And for that, I am grateful.

That was suppose to be my twitter update before rumour hears it that it was hacked by, with it hanging on me, by

…wait for it…

…a group of hackers.

How original! Now why didn’t I think that?!

There is an abundance of ways to communicate with the world, even if it’s that small, still voice of the Universe that I am…hehehe.

Have you realised how the rest of the world echoes to the cries you make?

Be it of joy or pain.

For example if you tell someone about your pain, you receive sympathy.

And if I tell someone about something you excited about, usually, I will receive that same feeling back in the form of support & encouragement (me will leave the envy & jealous that follows success for another post).

It’s really not as overwhelmingly bad as it appears.

Then I can go “Zen Master” on you and ask: “What Is Bad?

Of course at the level of the physical it’s easy to point at what’s bad because, well, it is.

And what allows you to make this decision could either be experience or feelings.

I may even go as far as saying that experience alone is the deciding factor when an event occurs, because we go back to what we had been told about or experienced about a current event and base our future response against this past data.

Maybe I’m trying to manipulate the current circumstance to the point of denial, or maybe I am working up to looking at alternative ways of perceiving & resolving it.

Because, really, nothing outside of myself has the power to make me feel in a certain way without my consicious, maybe even split second, approval.

Noone has the power to influence how I feel without my consent.

Sit on this idea for a while and go over it for as long as possible and you will come to the realisation that there really is no need to give part of your energy to whomever you see as the “victimizer”, and blaming her, him, it, them for causing you discomfort.

For in truth it is you that is causing this discomfort to yourself, believing that they are doing “it” to you, not knowing that it’s actual you who is doing “it” to yourself.

You have been effectively creating your life through your responses to the collection of events that makes up your life.

E(vents) + R(esponses) = O(utcome) – Jack Canfield, The Success Principles.

The sooner you begin to accept that you have, are and will continue to attract to yourself the experiences you are creating, the faster you will find ways of influencing the future through the actions or inactions of the present.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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