This Law of Attraction Stuff Is So Uncomfortably Life Transforming

…the purpose behind me writing this was to rant about how this study of the law of attraction is …not so easy!

But that was before I was led to a facebook group called Delibate Creations.

The group name on its own made me recalled the message that I kept on hearing but under a different light.


I keep on hearing how us humans are “individuations” of God, at a minituarized.

But deep down, I see know, that I have rejected the idea of being God because such a statement, I felt, was offensive to God making it “un-Godlike” and therefore being of the devil.

Little did I know was that it was due to this lack of understanding of why this is so that I will forever keep blaming everything and everyone outside of myself for the results I am having.

That due to my incomplete teaching that I speak of God’s will with the impression that there is no partnering involves between me and Her that makes this will, His will, envoked in my life.

The impression that God is there & I am here, and my purpose in life was to make God happy & follow His commandments or else God won’t be happy and will be sent to hell as a result.

Punishing me for my sins.

It was under the above understandings that ranting about how things don’t work would have been justified.

But now this is not the case.

Amongst the misleading biblical scripture of how God should be feared and how women should be subordinates to me it is written that God made us humans in the image and likeness of Herself.

Even Jesus said that that which he did, we will also do.

It was from such Truths that statements like “We Become What We Think About” began to emerge from the like of Earl Nightingale.

Statements which are repeated in different ways but mean the same thing, and all boil down to this:

We create our lives through the thoughts we think.

Just like God we create all that we are experiencing with the thoughts we all to flash randomly within our minds but unlike God we are unconscious of this.

So unconscious that we live our lives according to fate, like playing russian roulette with the unconscious, living life on autopilot.

I play Actor, Scriptwriter and Director of my life but get upset when, due to the lack of control over my movie, something happens that I “did not want” to happen.

I mean what did I expect taking my hands my hands of the wheel while driving 120 km/h on the freeway, that I was going to reach my destination without hussle?

This wn’t ever happen until I stop and say, “Hey, I created that.” “What a wonderful creation.” “Damn I’m good!” “I Love you.” “I wonder what else can I create? Let me focus on getting my next Deliberate Creation manifested and see how well that goes.”

Until such a point is reached that by consciously taking control of what I think about, would I begin to take control of my life.

It obviously goes into deeper methods of instant manifestations via self suggestions, affirmations, meditations, visualization, listening to instincts and intuitions as your guides towards what you requested through constant thought with emotion (also known as prayer) and a whole lot of other stuff that will help arm your with the necessary ammunition you need to fight your old paradigm with.

Old paradigms die hard especialy since they are engrained and even second nature through time and perfection.

I’m not saying that half a decade will pass before you and I really get the hang of it, honestly accepting that noone can hurt us without our constent then would life be truly magical.

This may seem to be too much to ask and one may even revert to the old more comfortable paragdim.

But for the open minded life will take an adventure like twist to it that literally changes lives.

(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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