Emotions Are Like A Passing Parade…

I’m only tired because a portion of my energy is locked from not loving someone or something.

Now how can I love someone who hurts me?

This is my pride talking.

We tend to flaunt our sensitive pride as sensitive egos, that we choose not to confine, just waiting to be attacked so they can counter-attack like an endless “bubble of anger” that bounces from one thing or person to another all the way to work and back.

An emotion – energy in motion – of anger we hold still and thus concentrating thoughts – just like in a form of a prayer or deep meditation – of whys and hows until we either get sick or another almost similiar experience manifests.

A prayer or meditation is a prolong thought about a thing, held with a corresponding feeling with the conscious or unconscious intent of seeing it become physical.

Which it does in one form or another. It depends on how clear the image(s) was during the prayer/ meditation/ creative process.

For those not in the know We create all that we have through the intentional intensity or repetition of our thought(s).

And by holding on to an energy in motion, an emotion, you are in fact creating a corresponding manifestation of that emotion.

That’s how we create.

We work at holding an emotion of an image we would like or – in the case of fear and worry – not like to experience and then go out in to the world expecting to experience it…which we do.

It’s hard to swallow I know, why do you think I’ve been making repeated updates regarding this concept?

I try to get my head around this by emphasizing with repetition.

We repeat for emphasise.

Because like it says on the Bible I enjoy quoting selectively: What I pray for, God answers, even before I ask.

It’s called co-creation something I will go in-depth on at a later stage.

I’ve opened a lot of brain teasers with this update, especially when it comes to the technique of releasing limiting self defeating beliefs which is in alignment with what I wrote about in my MySpace blog.

Other issues that have come out for me are questions I need to hear being answered from within, like how I can release the hurt I feel from being disrespected and humiliated from someone I love…oh well there’s always chocolate for me to eat in the interim! *giggle giggle*

Until next time, I wish you love unconditional from multiple unexpected sources daily, in various forms and in abundance!

Gratefuly yours,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS I attracted this ebook for your instant download titled 7 Step Success Formula, having gotten the time to read it with me blogging and internet surfing from my Nokia 6085 Phone
, and I hope it is to your approval and benefit.

Sizo bonana!

The Only Reason Why You Are A Failure Is Because You Don’t Act

Success follows action.

It is in inaction that there is NO success.

Like in a previous post where I wrote something along the lines of how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

i.e. I do more than what is expected of me, I get back in return – be it in the form of an increase, incentives or recognition – the same amount of service I give.

As if I bring towards myself the goal I wish to achieve.

Like the “pipe piper” the thing I want to attract is attracting me in return.

That explains why I see so many broke, poverty-stricken therefore crime (competitively) enclined black men asking for government handouts.

It makes me go back to how “the ocean experience” was banned to anyone who wasn’t white during the times of apartheid – a blanket that is still exists, tucked away so not to be seen while you’re reading a travel brochure for SA.

You see, I told you what you focus on expands – I put a picture of Nelson Mandela here and it’s over, lol!

It was illegal for a black person to experience spiritual happiness through nature amongst other degrading, inhumane acts that was instilled but the past white government of oppression.

Never mind how the word white (slang for ingam’la) is synonymous with the world rich/ wealthy.

Hence the expensive nutritious and healthy food that the poor and “inactive” cannot afford, apart from the inspiring and life transforming resources exclusive to the rich, or those that act in this case*.

The oppression that has conditioned the minds of the elders that have raised us according to principles of the oppressor.

The “do as you’re told” and “remain inactive or rirk going to jail or punished,” maybe even dead or worse.

Success follows action.

Now how can I be successful if my life is threatened if I do?

This paralysis results in me not succeding even at a minute level.

And that’s where I should be most effective because it’s the little successes that build up to larger ones.

Yet my father told I can’t do it so I sabotage my successes due to how the apartheid government wired my father to believe.

And I continue to say, what you believe becomes your reality, and it is this “truth” you teach and pass on to your children.

The mentality I am expected to carry down to my kids or else risk disrespecting my parents – I don’t know about you but down here respect is a big thing…ok until the national broadcaster decided to flood our screen with Western culture. Prison Break and 24 rock by the way 😀

Now I’ve come to experience how people function with life at a physical level.

And yet I have also come to know that since science has proven that all things seen and unseen is energy and therefore spirit, it would be to my advantage if instead I approach life at a spiritual level.

By doing that I reclaim the power I give to the oppressor outside of me because by then I would be aware that I have the power to create all levels of energy, through the power of my mind, and therefore create every single thing I now experience.

This is done at an unconscious level, hence the confused frown you might be having on your face right now.

If the above holds true then the only enemy I have in this world is myself. And this enemy only exist through the limiting belief I bestow on my unlimited spiritual (energy) self.

Hence the conflict.

When I get up and do something about it, will I then only come close to experiencing change.

Because Success follows action.

Playing the blame game is only going to make me …a conformist.

And what I know about successful people i.e. Mandela, Wright, Obama, Schirmer, Ford, Einstein, Gandhi, Newton,Branson, Carnegie, King Jr, Proctor, Lincoln, Maponya, Buffet is that they do not conform because the have courage instead.

“The opposite conformity in our society is not cowardness but courage.”

And coming back to the * it just hit me that the difference between the poor and the wealthy is action.

Does who act get/ stay rich and those who do not get or stay poor or in this case unsuccessful.

For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction – Sir Issac Newton.

Like Bonginkosi “Zola” Dlamini puts it, “Get Up And Go!”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

A Robert T. Kiyosaki Tip I Want You To Know

Possessions under my name that take money out of my pocket every month are my Liabilities.

Those that put money in my pocket are called Assets.

The bank calls my house and my car and my boat (I am attracting a boat hence its inclusion here;)) an asset because it brings money into THEIR pockets, making them liabilities to me.

Liabilities that are vacuum cleaning my money from my wallet, minus the tax the government takes before I even see it.

A tax deduction plan the US government invented, according to one of my best inspirational businessman @Robert T. Kiyosaki from a free audio download by him suggested from his best sellers.

Because I was brought up to look for income sucking liabilities when I grow up – go get a job, a car, a house, get married and have kids to take to private school and least we forget the clothing/ credit card accounts you must pay every month – instead of cashflow rich assets that bring money into my pocket.

I change my focus I change my results.

I recommend Robert T. Kiyosaki’s [affiliate link] Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! for more clarity on this.

Yours in abundant prosperity,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Is Taking Time Out & Giving Himself A Gift, In The Present

Spending the next week at the coast on a planned vacation with some fellow co-workers.

I’m an inlander and the ocean is a luxury for me.

Witnessing the waves crashing against the rocky beach of the Durban south coast, especially if you take in, or attempt to take in, her beauty in its entirety, listening with all of your body and spirit, the mediocre experience can become one of extraordinary enlightement.

I’m on the level of attracting any excuse of experiencing joy.

And this happens easiest when I’m of present mind, because I’m losing energy when I hold on the past turned out (a period which I cannot do anything about in any case).

And the only way I can influence the future is from what I am and do right now.

That’s why the Present is a Gift.

If you do facebook see if this group tickles your fancy.

Yours in abundant love,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. I know I know I’ll get you the pics for durbs 😉 I owe ’em!

Creations Are In Harmony With Thought & Feeling

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

A person can form in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, a person must pass from the Competitive to the Creative mind… – The Summary Of The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

My take on the above line is that I have to consciously decide not to feel acted upon or negatively influenced, before I visualize myself being in my “Happy Place,” my “God Space.”

Free from the speed and demands of the physical and allow my heart to beat in harmony with the comfort, peace and freedom of my “Good Place” of the spiritual.

Feeling all the tensed up muscles relax and breath…breathing in through the nose, breathing out through the mouth, slowly and repeatedly.

Understanding that the world is a cycle of events and that all things work out for the better, and increased improvement in the long run.

If that were not so the dinosaurs would still be existing with humankind as we know it only but an idea in the mind of the universe – thinking stuff.

Every thought is sent and impressed on this subconsciously driven Thinking Stuff and then leads me to a series of events that will bring whatever it is I have been thinking about in the form of situations I experience.

The metaphysical is converted into physical form by God.

The metaphysical is converted into physical form by the Universe.

The metaphysical is converted into physical form by Thinking Stuff – the Stuff that Things – and it does this either through the images that are already in my subconscious mind or by any of my constant imagined thought or feeling, thoughts and feeling which if repeated will become fused as those of my subconscious – the constant communicator to the Universe.

Thoughts or feelings I always think or feel while awake or asleep, consciously or subconciously.

This feelings or thoughts are sent to God every moment of my life – this is also known as a prayer, constant faithful thought – which God answers.

“Ask And It Shall Be Given You.”

An emotion of lack when sent and impressed against the Universe comes back to me in physical form, i.e. An empty bread bin opened by a hungry mind believing to have been put in this situation due to the lack of money.

It’s as if this (feeling of lack) materialized to confirm my thoughts and I then say “I KNEW IT.”

And once I know something it becomes a belief, and what I believe becomes my reality.

I believe once I have cancer I will die, yet the same event can occur with someone else and they might believe they can cure it…and they do.

It is the beliefs, high or low self esteems, that we hold close to our chest that design the structure of our lives.

Resistance – struggle, hurt, pain – occurs when what we belief is different from what we see.

Like wanting to be healthy yet experiencing illness.

Which only stay with body simply because we cling on to it with the images of sickness we hold with emotion – the emotion of frustation or anger maybe – therefore impressing it on to God who just provides us with what we want, through the power we have to create.

In this case to our peril.

Another contributing factor is my mastermind.

Which I hope to explain futher in my coming posts.

The above is a compilation of what I have learned and continue to learn with Wallace D. Wattles and The Science Of Getting Rich for your instant download.

Gratefully yours,

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

It Looks Good On Paper, Practise Makes It Look Good In Real Life

Ok. As much as I have created a not so cool experience, I am more than able of creating a powerful and positive one!

And for that, I am grateful.

That was suppose to be my twitter update before rumour hears it that it was hacked by, with it hanging on me, by

…wait for it…

…a group of hackers.

How original! Now why didn’t I think that?!

There is an abundance of ways to communicate with the world, even if it’s that small, still voice of the Universe that I am…hehehe.

Have you realised how the rest of the world echoes to the cries you make?

Be it of joy or pain.

For example if you tell someone about your pain, you receive sympathy.

And if I tell someone about something you excited about, usually, I will receive that same feeling back in the form of support & encouragement (me will leave the envy & jealous that follows success for another post).

It’s really not as overwhelmingly bad as it appears.

Then I can go “Zen Master” on you and ask: “What Is Bad?

Of course at the level of the physical it’s easy to point at what’s bad because, well, it is.

And what allows you to make this decision could either be experience or feelings.

I may even go as far as saying that experience alone is the deciding factor when an event occurs, because we go back to what we had been told about or experienced about a current event and base our future response against this past data.

Maybe I’m trying to manipulate the current circumstance to the point of denial, or maybe I am working up to looking at alternative ways of perceiving & resolving it.

Because, really, nothing outside of myself has the power to make me feel in a certain way without my consicious, maybe even split second, approval.

Noone has the power to influence how I feel without my consent.

Sit on this idea for a while and go over it for as long as possible and you will come to the realisation that there really is no need to give part of your energy to whomever you see as the “victimizer”, and blaming her, him, it, them for causing you discomfort.

For in truth it is you that is causing this discomfort to yourself, believing that they are doing “it” to you, not knowing that it’s actual you who is doing “it” to yourself.

You have been effectively creating your life through your responses to the collection of events that makes up your life.

E(vents) + R(esponses) = O(utcome) – Jack Canfield, The Success Principles.

The sooner you begin to accept that you have, are and will continue to attract to yourself the experiences you are creating, the faster you will find ways of influencing the future through the actions or inactions of the present.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

This Law of Attraction Stuff Is So Uncomfortably Life Transforming

…the purpose behind me writing this was to rant about how this study of the law of attraction is …not so easy!

But that was before I was led to a facebook group called Delibate Creations.

The group name on its own made me recalled the message that I kept on hearing but under a different light.


I keep on hearing how us humans are “individuations” of God, at a minituarized.

But deep down, I see know, that I have rejected the idea of being God because such a statement, I felt, was offensive to God making it “un-Godlike” and therefore being of the devil.

Little did I know was that it was due to this lack of understanding of why this is so that I will forever keep blaming everything and everyone outside of myself for the results I am having.

That due to my incomplete teaching that I speak of God’s will with the impression that there is no partnering involves between me and Her that makes this will, His will, envoked in my life.

The impression that God is there & I am here, and my purpose in life was to make God happy & follow His commandments or else God won’t be happy and will be sent to hell as a result.

Punishing me for my sins.

It was under the above understandings that ranting about how things don’t work would have been justified.

But now this is not the case.

Amongst the misleading biblical scripture of how God should be feared and how women should be subordinates to me it is written that God made us humans in the image and likeness of Herself.

Even Jesus said that that which he did, we will also do.

It was from such Truths that statements like “We Become What We Think About” began to emerge from the like of Earl Nightingale.

Statements which are repeated in different ways but mean the same thing, and all boil down to this:

We create our lives through the thoughts we think.

Just like God we create all that we are experiencing with the thoughts we all to flash randomly within our minds but unlike God we are unconscious of this.

So unconscious that we live our lives according to fate, like playing russian roulette with the unconscious, living life on autopilot.

I play Actor, Scriptwriter and Director of my life but get upset when, due to the lack of control over my movie, something happens that I “did not want” to happen.

I mean what did I expect taking my hands my hands of the wheel while driving 120 km/h on the freeway, that I was going to reach my destination without hussle?

This wn’t ever happen until I stop and say, “Hey, I created that.” “What a wonderful creation.” “Damn I’m good!” “I Love you.” “I wonder what else can I create? Let me focus on getting my next Deliberate Creation manifested and see how well that goes.”

Until such a point is reached that by consciously taking control of what I think about, would I begin to take control of my life.

It obviously goes into deeper methods of instant manifestations via self suggestions, affirmations, meditations, visualization, listening to instincts and intuitions as your guides towards what you requested through constant thought with emotion (also known as prayer) and a whole lot of other stuff that will help arm your with the necessary ammunition you need to fight your old paradigm with.

Old paradigms die hard especialy since they are engrained and even second nature through time and perfection.

I’m not saying that half a decade will pass before you and I really get the hang of it, honestly accepting that noone can hurt us without our constent then would life be truly magical.

This may seem to be too much to ask and one may even revert to the old more comfortable paragdim.

But for the open minded life will take an adventure like twist to it that literally changes lives.


(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Our Faith Is Distorted

We have grown to have so much faith in lack that taking that energy and then channeling it in having faith in abundance is so spaced out that our well-trained, lack-focused mind doesn’t accept or even begin to understand this new state of mind because it is not of our “already set” belief.

And what we believe is our reality.

We believe in lack so much that we reject the idea as of if it’s of another religion, of another dialect & state of being foreign to our own – as if to suggest that there is nothing one can learn from it.

We make real what we believe.

And if our faith lies in lack, that we seek every possible way of how we CAN’T do it, and it is those ways that we encounter & experience.

We make real what we believe.

This leads to something that was said of how the mind focuses on the things we feed it, much like a GPS on a car.

Just like after the mentioning of your left leg would you then become aware of your left leg, just like if I were to talk about the air that is coming in to your lungs.

All the while you weren’t focused on that but now after mentioning it all of a sudden you become aware of It?

Take that and apply it in how your mind functions on a day to day basis, with your possible dominating thoughts of lack…

Just imagine what a mind that is locked in on lack and limitation can produce.

Now would a mind that is focused on, and is willing to defend, faith in lack and limitation be aware and begin to work with the “obvious” abundance and prosperity that life is made of and therefore we are?

No it will not.


Because just like you were not aware of your breathing pattern earlier on, you will not be aware of this Truth – due to the simple reason that the focus is just not there.

What we focus on, expands.

The “lack-filled” mind does not believe in “unlimited potential.”

This (“unlimited potential”) is not real to the mind and thus does not grab its attention.

Just like one would skip the business section on the newspaper and go straight to the TV guide or the sports section.

What we focus on expands.

Seek and ye shall find.

And it is so true.

If you and I make it our intent to notice only a particular car model like a pink Aston Martin V12 Vantage for example – the mind will be set to focus and call into existence that very image we are so intentionally determined to attract in the physical, depending on how clear the image is in our mind.

If we want it bad enough something within will lead us to receiving it to the level of clarity to which we held it in our minds.

Be it via your next internet search, or seeing it painted on a car, billboards or on TV, movie or even hear someone mentioning it.

When it does appear for our external sense to register you usually call it coincidence.

I ask you then how come it didn’t appear before you began “calling on” its manifestation?

And what if I told you that in essence there are no coincidences?

But that is another post all together.

What I want to bring to your attention is the subject of faith.

Faith is a law.

Everybody has faith.

It’s just that the majority of us have faith in lack so much that we will stand by this faith to the point of convincing others into this same set of beliefs.

Whereas a few of us believe in abundance (it is said that about 90-95% of the money being made in the world is received by the 10-5% of the majority that have made it a habit of having faith in abundance).

These select few have so much faith in abundance that they live a completely different life than the rest of us.

Because the community of “they” seek out every single way that will lead them to this abundance they believe in, every single opportunity that will lead them to this abundance they believe in.

We make real what we believe.

It is this state of belief that induces the different mindsets from these above-mentioned elite minorities.

The mind that has faith in lack is a mind that will look for each an every excuse of how it will NOT happen.

The mind that has faith in abundance is a mind that will look for each and every opportunity of how it CAN happen.

Two different personalities.

Two different lifestyles.

Two different responses at what life throws at them, which lead to two different outcomes.

E + R = O

Events + Response = Outcome

Jack Canfield mentions this in his latest life-changing self-help book The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be where he explains that the Events are just how life is, it is how we Respond to it that will determine our Outcomes.

Change the Response and you change your Outcome.

A part of how you can change this Outcome will largely depend first and foremost on How Your Faith Is These Days.

Your past experiences have contributed to a large degree towards who you are right now, but does going back to them in search of the knowledge you need to deal with your current challenges, if those past experiences you seek counseling from are those of your supposed past failures, work towards your benefit?

…hold on, didn’t I put up an update about this?

I guess it is true that we repeat for emphasis.

Be gentle with yourself in everything you do.

Pause for a moment.

Look to where you should rather be focused on and learn with every new step to become of New Thought and learn to believe in abundance, if that is what you decide to choose to believe in.

Look to how things should be, not at how they are.

Just like learning something new, it will take some time, but if you are patient with yourself you will master this.

Time is your greatest ally.

So invest in it.

A grateful mind is a God-like mind from which many favorable creations can manifest from.

The results you have in your life a largely due to the person you are.

We attract, not what we want but, who we are” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Look to what you want to have in your life.

Identify what kind of person you need to become in order to have these desires.

Then become her or him.

Like Neale Donald Walsh wrote move straight into Being.




In that order.

Become, create definite plans that will lead you into action (Doing) & you will inevitably start Having.

It is said that if you act like the person you want to become for a full 30 days straight, you then convince yourself that you are.

It is said that ”the only person that succeeds is a person that is progressively working towards a worthy ideal.”

I can only tell you so much, it’s up to you to act on what you want to change in your life.

I also took a long time to act and kept on wondering why change was coming in drips and drabs.

Then I realized that if I where to have undertaken everything that I was suggested to perform from the very first chapter of …I don’t know…Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” as in taken each and every life-changing exercise and implemented into my life, then would have been steady and dramatic.

”Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”

Something to do with comfort zones.

Like Shelby Collinge would say “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always got.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele