The 30 Day Path To Success Unlimited

In Jack Canfield’s latest best seller sold at Amazon – The Success Principles, he writes how one should stick with concentrating on the realisation of a desired goal for 30 days straight.

Looking over a goal you’ve written down on a laminated goal card you carry around in your purse or pocket at least 2 times day, with a feeling of intentionaly wanting to see it become real, has astonishing results in the long term.

Ways of how you can receive this goal come to you as inspiration, gut feeling, intuition, people or even failure.

There’s a story in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich where he mentions how a gold digger during America’s Golden Rush phase ran out of gold to dig, and quit his lucrative venture just 3-feet away from another more profitable gold vein.

When you all alone & all you have is you and the goal you wrote on a piece of paper, have faith and believe that the mechanics of the mind will provide for the Acres Of Diamond through that piece of paper you are working towards its manifestation.

Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles is something I recommend to be added to your library of personal/ self help books.

Yours in prosperity,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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