So Who Started Me On This Wealth Seeking Path?

David Schirmer…you know…the guy from The Secret?

Get a copy of it on Amazon if you don’t have one of your own.

The “Visualize an empty parking space” guy?

He’s also a phenominal Stock Trader too.

Everybody who was under his guidance got out before the market crashed.

Last I checked, stock trading-wise he was also promoting this too.

An awesome guy.

He literally taught me what I need to know to begin my journey towards prosperity, peace, wealth, perfect health, happiness… Things I am still seeking, 2 years do the road.

“Seek & Ye Shall Find.”

David Schirmer just made the journey so much easier.

He is also involved in the Succeed Mag’ which also contributed lots to my knowlegde of how “life works,” especially the re-programming of my mind.

He is the guy who sells regardless of the referal.

When you get the chance, pay him a visit & allow him to show you the Path To Freedom, although keep in mind that it is You who has to walk it.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. Actually come to think of it, this all began when my cousin, Nombali Ntuli, put The Secret dvd in my hand.

A disk that came at the right time, typical of the vibrations I was in back then.

David only made it clearer, and I am abundantly grateful for both of them.

I love you.

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