If You Are Reading This, You Are Ready To Hear Why You Were Born Rich

This is a title from the life-transforming book by the Success & Personal Development Guru Bob Proctor, that can – and does – increase your ability to not only attract more money in your life, but also increases the state of your health for the better, and helps to set up the healthy relationships that increase the joy, peace & happiness one should be experiencing day in & day out.

See this update for a link to an instant download of “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.

You know, I took a moment and reflected on the journey I have chosen for myself towards success [success = progressively working towards a worthy ideal] and honestly…what I should have seen as justifiable limitations where, to me – at an unconscious level, just tissue-paper-thin fears I overcame with knowledge and understanding.

I suggest you also overcome fear with understanding.

Seek knowledge.

Understanding will give you the knowledge to open up your focused mind to the abundance & multiple resources that are yours for the asking.

Believe this and your faith in abundance will lead you to the successes that came cloaked as temporary failure.

In truth, you simply cannot fail.

If you believe this then the Kingdom of Heaven – all that You May Want, desire or strive for – you immediately inherit.

See Mark 9:23, let this be your beacon of Light in these trying times.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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