"…Through The Second Time Around…I See In Myself Something That Wasn’t There Before"

I like taking what I have read or heard and updating it here on musa23.blogspot.com.

It serves as a cool place to paste how I interpreted the information that was given to me, through me, from the personal development material I had beem exposed to.

Giving me a platform I could go back to for emphasis – we repeat for emphasis – and at the same time allowing me to share my growth with you.

We are given answers to the questions that circulate within us in the most weirdest ways.

The reason that you have been led to this update could be one of those ways.

The parroting method has allow me to see the world differently with every update.

“We teach what we have to learn.”

I just want to thank God with every vibrational cell in my body of making me open minded to the “Science Of Getting Rich” that fill up my days with more ups than downs.

I mean for there to be an “up” there has to be a “down.”

One cannot exist without the other.

The Law of Opposites.

And if the above holds true then it is safe to declare that in every negative situation that you and I may encounter, there is always, ALWAYS, an up-side to it.

For us to proclaim it’s bad, that means there is a better way of dealing or re-living it.

It’s just a matter of changing focus, directing all your energy and attention towards its opposite.

The Law Of Polarity.

Something that will take some dedication and a strong will with the negativity that is sold in most of the TV programmes, the news, the newspaper, the friends and family that only think of “what else can go wrong?”

How we deal with change varies from person to person, now I understand, hell I’ve even experienced that.

“Hell – I’ve Even Experienced It.”

I’ve been trying – I try and thus fail is the result – for past 2 years to change my focus and I’m Still at it.

Old friendships were lost, new ones were found.

I lost interest in most shows on the telley, acquired a new taste in reading material and would rather listen to an audio about how the mind works by Bob Proctor or a seminar by David Schirmer than to listen to the radio in my God/ Universe-given car while stuck in track on my way to or back from work.

Things come to me in such a way that I turn, convert them into forms of art and beauty as if to imply that I came to this earth not to learn but to remember (re-member with) who I really am.

As if the whole world is communicating with me, as if God is talking to me.

The secret to dealing with change with effortless ease is captured beautifully in a book that can be ordered on Amazon.com by one of the world’s best life-changing authors, that in Neale Donald Walsch’s new book: “When Everything Changes, Change Everything.”

And once you choose this way of living – because in essence We Can Never Get It If We Want It, that’s why it’s important to choose it than to want it – expect your “old self” to put an extraordinary fight with the new ideals you are introducing to yourself for the sake of a better life experience.

A life filled with the abundance, the wealth, the prosperity and unlimited potential that is worthy of you.

That sounds rich from a guy that still has a job doesn’t it?

(hehehe, what a paradox…the word “job” in the same sentence as the word “rich?”)

Then again who best to show you they path to paradise if not one who is seeking it?

We teach what we need to learn.

What you do with this information is your choice.

It’s either you accept it and work on getting the answers you have been asking yourself about the true meaning of life or you don’t accept or begin to understand and continue living as you’ve been living.

Is it the Blue pill or the Red pill?

It’s Always A Matter Of Choice.

You are never the same person once you encounter something new, and you never hear the same thing when you go over it the second time around.

That is why I emphasize that we repeat for emphasis.

You “get it” even more the 3rd, 10th or 23rd time around.

And once you get it, you’ll never forget it. Get it?

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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