How We As Human Beings Are Responsible For Our Lives – Stephen R. Covey

While the word proactivity is now fairly common in management literature, it is a word you won’t find in most dictionaries.

It means more than merely taking initiative.

It means that as human beings, we are responsible for our own lives.

Our behaviour is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.

We can subordinate feelings to values.

We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen.

An extract from Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s Best Seller 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

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To your abundant success & prosperity,

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

See Yourself As The Abundant Spiritual Free Flow(er) Of Energy Streams You Are

You know, when you “let go” of something that hurts you, life becomes…easier, for lack of a better word.

Imagine yourself as structure made up of multiple golden streams of energy.

The energy that flows freely within your structure and vibrates, only to attract by manifesting, in harmony with its current and future “structure of energy.”

Be it an event, a person, environment, circumstance, etc.

And it is when it is in this perfect harmonious state that it exist in its purest & natural form – Divine Perfection.

Now when hurt is created and is experience by you, the structure that in a collection of free flowing energy streams, this disrupts the harmony of the flow – the harmony of the spiritual energy free-flow-“er” you are – and causes discord first in spirit then in the physical.

Something in the physical has to first exist in the spiritual/ mental. Never the other way around.

So one has to be healed mentaly – the image that she sees of herself mentaly (aka the spiritual realm) – before one healed physicaly.

The same goes for wealth.

Wealthy people where first wealthy mentaly before they become wealthy in the physical.

Read Robert Collier’s Secret of the Ages for more clarity on this.

So learn to be abundant and free by letting go of hurt and choosing not to block your streams by clinging on to the past.

This can be done the instant you stop satisfying your “ego self” and do what it takes to satisfy your “spiritual self,” which is explained perfectly in Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success.”

And accepting Events as what they really are, which is the past.

Changing your Responses, if necessary, to produce the Outcomes you would rather be experiencing.

E + O = R says Jack Canfield in his latest offering, “The Success Principles – How To Get From Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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The World Belongs To You – Robert Collier

I am reading a book by Robert Collier “Secret Of The Ages” which you can download in .pdf format here.

In it Robert says:

Jesus set forth the universal law of supply when he said – “Therefore I say unto you, be not anxious for the morrow, what ye shall eat, or where withal ye shall be clothed – but seek first the kingdom of God, and all those things shall be added unto you.

What is this “Kingdom of God?”

Jesus tells us – “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

It is the “Father within you” to which He so frequently referred.

It is Mind – your part of Universal Mind.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God.”

Seek first an understanding of this Power within you – learn to contact with it – to use it – “and all those things shall be added unto you.”

Robert Collier’s Secret of the Ages.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The 30 Day Path To Success Unlimited

In Jack Canfield’s latest best seller sold at Amazon – The Success Principles, he writes how one should stick with concentrating on the realisation of a desired goal for 30 days straight.

Looking over a goal you’ve written down on a laminated goal card you carry around in your purse or pocket at least 2 times day, with a feeling of intentionaly wanting to see it become real, has astonishing results in the long term.

Ways of how you can receive this goal come to you as inspiration, gut feeling, intuition, people or even failure.

There’s a story in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich where he mentions how a gold digger during America’s Golden Rush phase ran out of gold to dig, and quit his lucrative venture just 3-feet away from another more profitable gold vein.

When you all alone & all you have is you and the goal you wrote on a piece of paper, have faith and believe that the mechanics of the mind will provide for the Acres Of Diamond through that piece of paper you are working towards its manifestation.

Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles is something I recommend to be added to your library of personal/ self help books.

Yours in prosperity,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

What Is Really The Source Of Your Money?

From John Harricharan <> another Foster Hibbard message:

#3 The Money Source by Foster Hibbard

When you think about the source of your money, the most natural thought would be an employer, customers, clients or patients.

Instinctively, these would be the answers for most and all of these answers would be wrong.

It is important to realize that everything comes from within us.

Where does love come from?

Love returns to us measured in the amount that we radiate out.

Does health come from doctors and prescriptions?


Health emanates from within us to the degree that we concentrate upon health and all that it entails.

And, finally, financial success is within us.

To the degree that we pour out loving service will money come pouring back to us.

Love, health, success and money are nothing more than a mirrored reflection of whatever is within us.

The Universe can only mirror what we give out.

John is the award-winning author of the bestseller, “When You Can Walk On Water, Take the Boat,” and creator of the ground-breaking “PowerPause” system for success.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Habits: They Are Either Making You A Success or A Failure

I read somewhere that “humans are creatures of habit.”

This is evident from the toes I count 5 hours into my evening shift.

Something I told myself I wouldn’t do after going through a bit of Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God.”

Allowing my working environment to influence me by having negative judgements against it, that is.

By making a judgement on a particular thing, negatively or positively, I am in effect judging myself, negatively or positively.

This is so if I believe in the theory that I am the creator of all the things that I encounter in my life.

It’s like creating a sculptor and saying that “this is a bad sculpture or this sculpture makes me feel drained and depressed”…then it is not the sculpture that is “inadequate” or flawed, but it is the craftsman that is inadequate or flawed.

Now coming back to the period of boredom I encounter 5 hours during my shift…

This is not a true reflection of me.

Musa and boring in the same sentence is not “possible.”

But here I am, at work, counting my toes.

Not literally of course, there’s no need for a strip tease.

I guess a less conscious mind would continue to allow her environment influence her, either than the other way around, with her influencing her environment.

Which was, I have to admit I currently am to some level & working towards the habit of influence, something that I am guilty of during my months prior Sir Richard Branson’s “Screw It, Let’s Do It”

Personal development materials I recommend for you if you seem to be drowning in your own destructive web of thought(s).

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The Reason Behind Why You Can’t Get More Of The Things You Hoard

If the act of giving increases the other person in some way or another, then give to her openly & abundantly.

And feel good about it.

Because when you feel good, you feel God.

And God is the abundant, unlimited supply of the Universe.

So by being in harmony with the Universe through the act of giving with The Impression of Increase, you are in harmony with the abundance that you will receive.

This is one of the natural laws, much like the law of gravity – everything & everybody falls victim or becomes a victor from – “discovered” by a scientist named Sir Issac Newton which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The act of giving alone will not determine the returns, but it is the amount of faith injected during the act that – combined with the act of giving – determines what you will receive.

This act of giving can be done in one or a combination of the three following ways: 1. Thought – we give continuously through the ether (the same channel that makes communicating with someone over the phone possible) images and ideas and feelings and emotions that arise within us.

We even at times pick up these images, ideas, feelings and emotions from others through the same channel.

Repeat these feelings or emotions (Energy in MOTION), images and ideas long enough then they not only imprint theirselves on the subconcious – the manipulative vehicle that governs the way we experience life by just projecting what we inject into it (through repeated self suggestion) back into the physcial, outer world in the form of circumstances, events and people – but will lead to the second way of giving.

That in 2. Word.

We bring to ourselves the negative we experience as much as we bring the positive through the words we speak.

We speak of them long enough, combined with a corresponding image and emotion it becomes an affirmation.

A statement of fact which we give to God or we give to the Universe and receive in return like energy, or in this case the affirmation, that comes close to the image(s) we had while giving it.

This will lead us into 3. Action which I feel is the most powerful way to give and thus makes it the most powerful way to receive.

“By thought the thing you want is brought to you, by action you receive it.”Wallace Delois Wattles.

Every act that you do is either consciously or sub/unconsciously in aligned with the thoughts you think or/and the words you speak.

A conscious alignment of these “three ways of giving” which are in fact the “three ways of receiving” will increase the number of streams of the money you receive, the state your health is in and the state of your relationships.

Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret mentions how you must first plant the seed of what you want to receive – by first giving it in thought then in word then in deed or action – then caring for this seed and working towards its realisation.

He says not only will it become real, but there is no way it cannot.

“Faith is another form of Persistence. If it weren’t for Faith, who would Persist?”

(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Why Some Are More Blessed Financially Than Others

A friend I love blessed me with this email.

I carry forward this love & prosperity towards you in the form of this update.

Seed Money – Substance of Increasing Prosperity

The reason why some people are more blessed financially than others is because of one word “sowing.”

God is not mocked.

A man reaps what he sows.

You can only attract wealth to the extent that you give it.

Sowing and reaping is the true secret of using the law of attraction for prosperity.

Your giving must be mixed with faith to bring the return.

Sowing without faith is sowing to the flesh, and it will reap corruption or loss.

Sowing with faith is sowing to the Spirit and it will reap life everlasting or a harvest.

Faith without giving is not enough because there is nothing for faith to multiply.

Giving without faith is not enough because there is no power to multiply the giving.

Both are necessary for the increase.

A harvest depends on the seed sown and the cultivation of the groumd and also the growth process.

A promise must be claimed.

Like all divine gifts, the return of your giving must be received by faith.

The combination of faith and giving will result in increasing prosperity in your life.

It is the greatest secrect of wealth.

I wish for you the financial abundance and outstanding health with the harmonius relationships you resonant at the core of you being.

Inquire within & find this Acres Of Diamonds I am on about.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele