I Feel ThaT God Wishes You To Know That…

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To the point that you see that you are not just giving something to someone so to genuinely help her/ him, for in truth by doing this you are, in some mystical way, helping yourself.

When you give to others, you give to yourself, the same goes when you curse another you curse yourself.

That feeling of anger & frustration that remains with you is because you haven’t forgiven yourself for spitting on your own face.

That’s why you turn the other cheek when you are slapped on the face.

You might as well, since by reacting in the active and seeking revenge on the one who has done me harm, I in fact seek revenge against myself.

Seek And Ye Shall Find.

Then comes the question of pride.

Pride has no place in victimization.

Because once you activate pride whenever you are expected to respond, only perpetuated violence will spam from that.

Giving birth to more violence which then results into more violence, and so the cycle continues.

Like energy, it never ends but changes form.

The only sins that exist in those “not positive,” negative actions that call forth negative consciences which you reply to – as usual – in the negative.

Thus creating & resulting into your “hell” experience.

Because everything that results from your actions at that point in time is fuelled by anger, frustration, hatred, pain, unfairness, disappointment, envy, depression, et cetera.

States of mind that do not speak of the True God

“ok you can edit that for your readers but why would you hide the truth from them?

…Anyways as I was saying – states of mind that do not run parallel with the flow of The Universe, going against the tide per say, and just like pulling your finger backwards towards your wrist, instead of inwards (for in truth you can only find what is real for you, to you, when you go within), it hurts.

So instead of stopping right there and then, throwing all the morals you have been thought and all your current knowing and going within for peace, you continue to create this hell that your bible – a collection of short stories about an ancient God, thus blocking off hearing and knowing the Present God for I would then be coming as to you a gift – speaks of.

Condemning everyone else to hell, especially if they do not support your understanding of the God the Good Book as taught you to come to believe & accept through others.

It’s like holding on to an old image of an old friend you used to know.

You are so caught up in how she looked, how she talked and how she handled herself that you don’t even notice her even if you were to bump into her in the mall.

You just carry on going, not waiting to hear what she has to tell you today, right now. In this very moment.

Because her last message – a message you have held on for a lifetime – is good enough.

Even if I didn’t get, you are still to get it.

But those who speak of it so to repeat it in today’s language, in today mediums, forums, and understandings you choose to ignore…’cause that couldn’t’ be God you say.

“I never did get it,” you say to yourself yet when she shows up in the now, in broad daylight to share with you, through the New Thinking from the renewing of your mind in order to help yourself from yourself but telling you that

“I Still Love You With My Whole Heart No Matter What You Did, Not Matter What You Are Going To Do And No Matter What You Are Doing.”

No, this you cannot accept, so you, yet again, ignore Me and blatantly go passed Me as if we were never friends.

All those memories never happened.

It’s just a pigment of My imagination.

An illusion, just like life.

Just like Me.

Just like you.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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