Law Of Success Lesson 3 – Self-Confidence: Napoleon Hill

Let the cycle end with you but here’s an extract I want to bring to your attention:

“Many a man has found his place in the world because of having been forced to struggle for existence early in life.

Lack of knowledge of the advantages accruing from struggle has prompted many a parent to say,

“I had to work hard when I was young, but I shall see to it that my children have an easy time!””


The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons course, along with other POWERFUL ebooks, can be found at – since the link that was suppose to direct you to the abundant FREE success ebook got removed…don’t ask :(.

The best I can do for now is recommend the free download of Napoloen Hill’s Think & Grow Rich at this website.

Please forward the above link to other like-minded “path seekers.”

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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