Why Success Has Eluded Me

I Have To Think & Grow Rich, Think & Grow Rich.

Success has not eluded but stands before whenever I bed, whenever I raise, waiting for me to call Her into existence.

I choose to let Her drift further away from me by inviting things that do not matter in my mind instead.

I Have To Think & Grow Rich, Think & Grow Rich.

A mind without focus is like the sun hitting against a wooden plank without a concentrated lens between them, it will never burn.

I Have To Think & Grow Rich.

I hold in my mind a picture that begins to become crystallized from my determination to realize it, visualizing with emotion as I paint it with the colours of my imagination before I bed and when I wake.

Reaching a point where I am beyond my antagonistic environment, because I’ld be receiving the Peace I feel within because I Think & Grow Rich.

I think and grow rich.

I first have to think…and then do I grow rich but my thoughts are not vague, so to encourage vague result, they are specific, as clear as crystal, and thus allow me to see opportunity towards the attainment of my desires.

Intuition leads to desires.

Desires conjured open up by my change of mindset.


By THINKing and GROWing RICH I change the way I see things, when I change the way I see things I can develop Hope, when I hold Hope longer than the outside world would try & rip it out of my clutched hand then I develop Faith.

Where there’s Faith, there’s Persistence.

A drop a day towards a burning desire against the rock of “what is” will crack in half revealing, truly, “what should be.”

My focus is my belief, so I stick with “what should be,” progressing in my Faith with Persistence that knows Failure as only Temporary Defeat, I would then not only come face to face with Impossible, but leap past Him.

I CAN Think & Grow Rich.

Especialy since I won’t get charged for thinking which, amusingly enough, is were all my riches lie.

What I want I write down, then commit the rest of life into making it real, holding on to the image of success every day until it consumes my mind, to the point where all muscular actions are performed in harmony with what I desire, my Chief Definite Aim that has crystallized on to my tastebuds because now I can FEEL it!

I have BECOME it!

Which, by law of nature, allows me to DO the things that inevitably allow me to HAVE it.

But first,I Have To Think & Grow Rich. Think & Grow Rich.

– Who Is Musawenkosi Tshoaele?

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