What Is Needed Here Is A Change Of Mindset

Here I go again having another “accident” on the road with me driving into the back bumper of a car that went into the two way I was driving on.

The driver of the other car upon reaching the end of his t-junction and deciding to turn left into the road I had priority over without checking if it was okay to do so, ended up with my fiat palio colliding with his opel corsa in the early hours of a Friday morning.

We in South African drive on the left hand side of the road going up, so the idiot would have to turn left if he wanted to go up the road if he were coming from a vertical road that joins on to mine.

The “accident” happend at 5:55am 5 June 2009 – work begins at 7am for the majority of us so being on the road an hour early is a smart way to beat traffic or having a collision with a driver who doesn’t know how to drive – on my way to picking up a colleague before heading up to work.

Honestly I’m more dissapointed with how I handled the situation than anything else, but I got what wanted I needed from him to go and report the incident to the police, even if he refused to accompany me to the station because he is going to work….and like I WASN’T?!

Just thinking about it, about him makes me angry so much that I want these thoughts of anger to channel to wherever he is and do bad things on him.

Ended up not going to work and sorting myself out with the paperwork at the police station, running out of airtime on my phone while calling the insurance and looking for spares around my local spares shops on a reserve tank.

All this while in the back of my mind I kept on hearing: “There are no accidents.” and “Don’t be tricked into believing that all of this is real. This is all make-believe.”

Something else came to mind, of how I should let him “get away” with this inconvience he has caused me, when, in the metaphysical approach to this, it is the inconvience I have caused for myself, to myself.

The latter is the Truth my pride has a hard time dealing with and accepting.

That there are really no accidents in life, but situations that arise so to be in harmony with our vibration prior the occurence of the accident – which in my case was a vibration of staying home & not going to work, and resting without having to bear the strain of dealing with the boredom of work for yet another day. Accompanied with how horrible it feels to deny myself a plan towards my goals due to procrastination and how I am doomed to experience this forever if I don’t take action.

This kind of “Truth Talk” is something I want to invite you into practising and analyzing and understanding, to hopefully one day accept, that in reality everything that happens is of our own creation, of our own choosing.

As to the way these events happen, I would agree, might not have been the way we might have wanted to happen, but they accomplish the same result that we resonate with.

The negativity we manifest in our lives comes from the negativity we hold inside of us.

The thing of holding on to the negativity in the present, based on our past results and experiences will only lead to similar resuls and experiences in the future.

We must then practise letting go at the images of ourselves, that is Our Self Image, which do not define who we are and who we want to be – definitions which we must first write out, declare and create before we take part in any other step succeding it – and begin from now, anew & fresh, “progessively working towards a worthy ideal.”

That is why the present is such a gift. Because you can start in this very moment of Now to change your reality by first changing your thinking.

This is because thoughts lead to experience.

The speed of the effect (experience) is determined by the consistency and the power (intensity of the emotion) behind the cause (thought).

For an in depth understanding of this read a book, which can also be bought on Amazon.com, by Joe Vitale title “The Attrator Factor” which is an updated version of his “Spiritual Marketing” where he talks about “finding the escalator to life.”

I am deeply thankful for the Spirit of All That Is for making this update possible and working through me for Thy will to be done.

Here’s to your prosperity,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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