Be God Series Vol. 2

You are never broke.

The vibe you are in makes you feel broke.

You are never limited.

The vibe you are in makes it seem that way.

You are constantly giving off signals that determine who you are, the things that you attract and have.

So the results are just a reflection of your how you see yourself.

They are a reflection of your self image.

That’s why I keep on telling you: “change your thoughts and you change your life.”

And my all time favourite: “you become what you think about.”

So emit, give off the vibrational signals, the vibrational frequencies of the feelings you will feel when “it” has arrived, and you will attract it or ways of getting it to you.

Keeping in mind that the corresponding image must be with you always, to be held in the screen of your mind with its respective emotion.

Everything is energy.

It’s how you relate to it that matters.

Excuse the pun.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Update: This link will send you back to Be God: Volume 1.

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