If Karma Is A Bitch, What Does That Make You?

I find it extremely intriguing that like matter sticks to like matter, like matter attracts like matter.

This is on a scientific level and science is amazing because it has all these laws and theories that are proven by equally amazing minds whose names are stamped in history.

Especially when I come to see it with my own eyes, you see then it’s undisputable, unlike the God theory.

An object (object 1) will attract to it a like object (object 2) which vibrates in harmony with it.

Like an acorn would attract whatever it is that is in harmony with it when planted in the fertile soul, allowing it to do what comes naturally to it. That being growth and development and an increasing life that will transform it, eventually, into an oak tree.


It’s like an unwritten law inevitable and mandatory growth.

An expression of the abundant universe through you, and me and everything living and non-living.

If I were to break everything down to the point where I have to look at it through a powerful microscope, everything I thought was “physical” is actually non-physical, because I will come to the conclusion that everything in its finest level is energy.

Everything is the same Thing, even the air that we used to measure during Science class.

Modern study has revealed that even thoughts can be measured.

A remarkable discovery at that.

Excuse the pun but this got me thinking…my word I don’t know how to explain this accurately…

Ok give me an open mind that is not conditioned to limitation and what is/ is not possible.

Let’s say these thoughts you think of most of the time can be categorised as negative thoughts or in this instance negative energy.

Maybe they are of negative orientation because you busy living in the past of how badly things turned out, and how badly the outcome made you feel, instead of looking towards the future with prosperous anticipation, striving for a better Grander you and doing justice to those images of a Magnificent self you have created in the screen of your mind.

But coming back to my example.

This negative energy that you have produced through the negative thoughts and feelings you have associated with get sent out into the universe…like a constant flow of negative energy, aka negative vibes, that, BY LAW, must return to the source like energy or anything closely harmonious to the vibration you are in currently.

Because like energy attracts like energy, as stated at the beginning this writing.

But alas…you just realised that some well known scientist, whom you have conveniently forgotten what name he went by, discovered another law of nature which states “action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.”

So …in other words I can get back, clothed in forms that resonance as closely as possible to my thoughts, what I sent out…because energy does that kind of thing.

I think that’s where “Karma” came from, like “what goes around, comes around?”

It’s a law.

Whether you believe it or not does not matter.

In conclusion to what I have written above, one can therefore say that through the energy matter that we send out – through our thoughts and feelings, with actions that are in alignment with these thoughts and action – we get back in return like matter in various forms closely linked to those we send out in the first place.

As if to say what we experience in the now, has been pre-sent by us through our past and previous vibrations…

It a wonderful thing this energy force field we live in, and what’s even more intriguing is that whether we believe it or not it works…much like the God theory.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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