God Wouldn’t Be God If She Came In Only One Form

It’s an amazing movie due to the message i wanted God to tell me intentionally – consciously going to watch a movie with the intention of hearing what God would tell me through it – and how it has brought me into a new level of consciousness that for the to be one I have to be two.

I went through a time when due to resisting a part of me, the old me, which looked at the glass half empty and centering all my energy on this “new” me – the me that I must be in order of this law of attraction I’m blogging about.

See now it’s a known fact, even more so that since I write about it, that what I resist, persist so you can just image how, by me pushing down this part of me I didn’t “like,” this was doing to my mood on a daily basis.

Manic-depressive had nothing me! Lol!

That’s why this has been good to me, a God send, because it helped me hold or start getting back my “high” so to be in complete alignment the good I’m receiving.

Then this movie came to me as a direct message from God, because I was intentionally listening to each and every word as if it came from God.

Then like jam being spread on bread, my heart gave that steamingly refreshing sound of water on a hot pot when She said the words that my soul needed to hear:

For there to be One, I have to be two.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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