The Fear Of God Is Dead

* I choose not to make the mistake of classifying God as one thing, because I will come to not recognise God when God comes to me in another form.

One of many, because God is the All of Everything. I am going to play around with notion so to allow you to teach yourself of seeing God in everything, because God Is Every Thing.

Writing about God feels so good, a prolonged feeling of good I can’t help but require and outlet, which makes me end up writing about *Her again.

Especially through to understanding I receive from Him on how She has setup the magnificent “mechanics” that run life, and how I can benefit from it – in all levels of my life that need work – all by just recognition and acceptance in and through me

My God is a perfect God so all this talk about how He punishes people, about vengeance and not only sending people to hell but torturing them while their over there and how selfish She is and how Her love is conditional is not my version of a perfect God.

To me perfection, with relation to the above, means something that is so Majestic, so Magnificent, so Abundant and Unconditionally Lovinging that does not need me to please Her through sacrifice.

“At church they used to talk of sacrificing, and when I recognised how it didn’t feel good I was told it is just as the blood poured out the palms of Jesus after being nailed on the cross” (some thing I later discovered was hard to do since the weight would not long hold the body on the crucifix, as opposed to having being nailed through the wrists.)

“So I must service God in Heaven as Jesus did on earth.”

It is beautifully said especially if you put it in the context of looking at “heaven” as the images you see in the screen of your mind, what we will call the metaphysical, and referring to “earth” as the physical reality – things you can see with the eye that is, not the mind’s eye.

Holding the proven fact that all things are energy, with the level of the speed of vibration dictating the form, it is safe to say that All of Us, Are One of Us.

We are all One, with cultural, political, physical, social, material, economical, geographical differences that if skimmed off the top would reveal.

What Neale wrote as “individuations” of the same body.

Parts of a greater whole which is a powerful, as successful, as gorgeous, as prosperous, as abundant, as peaceful, as Joyful, as loving, as wise, as strong, as blissful, as rich, as learned, as experienced, as profitable, as attractive as I am.

I am God.

Just like you, because we are made from the same thing. We are the same “thing.”

And I love you for it.

I am grateful for It.

And I am abundantly It.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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