My Definition of God

“I am a spiritual being living in a physical body.”

God is an observer who experiences Herself through everything living & “non-living.”

She gives you what you know to believe is true and not what you want to believe is true, even before you ask.

So I might say “I want to stop working for the revenue with the peace of mind of having already established an income stream that covers my needs so to pursue my heart’s desires.”

But at a deeper level I tell myself that I ”know” that’s impossible or that will never happen, then God will produce that deeper, controlling “concept of impossibility” as my experience.

Belief & knowing are two separate things.

I might believe something is true, probably through hearsay, & I might know something is true, probably from experience.

Thus making “Knowing” to have a greater effect on the Universe than “Believing.”

The God effect.

God is an ”All Knowing” God & answers prayers at the level of Knowing & not from just merely and only Believing it.

Now since knowledge comes from experience, & that She answers my prayers even before I ask, it comes with understanding then that I should be “thankful for receiving” something I “already have” instead of “wanting” something that I do not already possess.

For a prayer of wanting/asking for a thing is just a demonstration that I lack faith in believing that He has already given to me whatever “it” I wanted.

Which might lead to me living the same way I did before I partook in the prayer of supplication, therefore demonstrating that change has NOT occurred in my physical reality.

I would not be “living as if.”

If I were to have been grateful for the thing I am receiving right now I would be acting as if change HAS occurred, emitting that through the way I think, work or my habitual way of being.

Giving the sense that I am “More” now that God has given me the very thing I “now have” and am thankful for.

She gave it to me in the screen of my mind, so I must be in constant prayer/ gratitude for it, living life with the sense of having it already, in order for me to receiving again physically.

I am ever changing with every prayer of thanksgiving.

It is imperative that you read the above with understanding so I encourage you to reread this over and over again until you have mastered up the courage to actually implementing it in your own life, if you wish.

My God is All Loving so I dare not fear Her because by doing so would be pushing myself further away from Him, and seeing myself separate from Her, something which is impossible to do because not only does He live in me, I am a part of Her and that makes me Him, I am God.

By me not accepting this would be to force myself to experience what known as Hell.

From me not doing what comes natural to my being would be to cause me to experience various forms of inner conflict because I would be going against what the soul knows to be true, that being: We are all made of and made from the same “stuff.”

All matter broken down to our microscopic form is the same “stuff” – the “stuff” designed to advance & grow by default – and if this “stuff” or energy were to regress, that is if everything were to be “rewinded” where there was a time when time did not exist; when technology did not exist, when there were no cars; no houses; no roads; building; civilisation; clothes; society; humans; plants; animals; back to when nothing existed.

Source “Stuff” or Source Energy, the energy or stuff that grows & advances by default, was the only “thing” that was.

And from its existence evolution occured in order for me to be, now.

And it is from this that We came into being, even if it took zillions of trillions of billions of millions of what we call years to come about.

This Source of Everything is what I have come to call God.

And denying myself Him or finding innovative ways of furthering myself away from Her/ It/ Nothing/ Everything/ Life/ Universe produces the “Hell” experience – this can be done through segregation, that is, classifying myself as separate from you, even though we are the same stuff.

We are born and made from and of the same energy, the same Universe, the same God.

How can I enhance my achievement and growth through drawing myself closer to the Source of Everything?

Through constant prayer & visualizing & understanding of the inner “stillness” that the attitude of gratitude brings to you & those around you.

I cannot know God separate from you or apart from you.

I can only, truly, know God in unity with you.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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