Act Like You DON’T Know

I was listening to an audio I downloaded from the Succeed Magazine, this after the free registeration of course.

Shelby Collinge was interviewed but an equally amazing success teacher, David Schirmer.

Simply groundbreaking the audio is, but what I took to heart was when she said that “…we must be child-like like that.”

That was after she recalled a day when her son boldly went up to the stage to get an autograph he wantend from a speaker in a seminar she was attending.

I don’t do the story justice so get registered and get access to the audios and you’ll get why I like it so much.

Now you’ll get why I began by telling you about this before I now move on to the heart of the blog.

Act Like You Don’t Know.

This morning I needed a comb for my hair and ma, for past coupla days, has been locking her room, largely due to the spat we had over my sister…long story.

Now I needed the comb.

But in the back of my head I told himself that she usually locks her door which houses this precise comb of mine.

And if I go with what I “know” to be true, my attempt to open it won’t be successful.

So just then like “333” story in Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich I said “Next” to myself, then as if of “new mind” I acted as if I Did Not know, un-emotioned, oblivious to my past as a reference, I acted as if nothing was the “matter”, and guess what happened?

When I choose to become consciously ignorant, with a childlike “why-shouldn’t-I” to the barriers that “exist” between me and my goal…I reach it.

“Where once where walls, door would open for me if I just embody the faith of a child.”

I got my comb!!

[the sense of personal victory was so overwhelming, I HAD to write about it. Call me a drama queen, LOL!]

That was nice, the way God answers before I even ask.

Coupled with a deep knowing that everything goes well for me and that I always receive good things.

Something I kept on repeating to myself over and over to myself.

I’m going to keep affirming this to myself until I believe it.

But I feel I should reiterate the difference between getting what is Mines on a Creative Plane, which is a good thing, instead of getting what’s Mine on a Competitive one, which I reckon is a big no-no.

I therefore have come to the conclusion that:

“The Mindset Of A Goal Setter… it’s already achieved

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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