Thoughts Are Things. So What You Believe, Is Excatly That

I was listening to an audio, a beautiful audio, and this guy said I should NEVER do something I do not like to do.

I completely agreed with him and nod my head for emphasis, but in the back of my mind I knew that this was easier said than done.

It’s this thinking that automatically classifies me in the 90% of the people in the world that earns only 10% of the money that’s been in the world.

The topic of my blog – being receiving riches, in the broadest sense of the word, in all areas of our lives, through the way we think – can get to be poetic at times.

Theoretical BS that is proven.

It is proven.

You see that’s the thing…it works.

And not only does it work but I have experienced it in my life and in the lives of others.


I never did look at it that way…

Ok it works and I must learn not to get frustrated becomes I do not have it now.

You know it’s just that I get so caught up in my previous train of thought of focusing on the things I don’t have thus focusing on my previous “failures” which in turn produces the same effect in my future.

Bringing forth more examples of imperfections towards me, which is a no no since I am a perfectionist, which gets me pissed off that I am not in “the zone” then more bull comes my way which I get frustrated over.

The “woow is me” cycle is then kept alive becomes it comes natural to me.

Something I have taught the mind for almost a quarter of the century, which I am currently replacing with something that would be more beneficial to me.

Then again I shouldn’t expect it to change overnight though, as much as I want is to happen.

To happen “overnight” I mean.

Maybe that’s why it saddens me becomes I am forcing on wealth consciousness.

The stuff isn’t that easy to do hey?

Kinda hurts the brain too.

No wonder so many people aren’t in to this.

Something that I can do for considerable amounts of time, through practice, then fall back into thinking like the rest of us again.

Oh my that came out in a cocky, self centred “I am better than you” kind of a way didn’t it?

May I be bold enough to say maybe that’s because I am.

If I was not I would be like most of us out there attracting the bad in every conceivable and unconceivable form in their lives.

How scary that would be.

What makes this worse is the “not knowing” of the forms of bad that would come my way…


Overwhelming Debts?

“Untimely” deaths?

Long periods of sickness?

Physical and/or mental and/or spiritual and/or emotional experiences of rape?

“Unexpected” occurences of theft?

Circumstances of lack and/or unfair treatments from people I am dependent on in some way or another in my life?

No, that is not me and I refuse to allow that in my life.

It hurts too much.

Why would I carry on down a path I know is not conducive for my health and wealth when I know that I have the power and tools and requirements I would need to travel on a more prosperous one?

The power to choose the mental image of the highest version of myself I would rather project and experiencing in the now, as oppossed to my current state of being?

I choose to live an abundantly prosperious and wealthy style of life in every moment of my life.

And this will become so through the exercising I continue to gather from the success and personal development material I continue to attract.

I am thankful for receiving all the wealth needed to live a more fuller life in all areas of life.

This is a prayer I wish for you as well.

Make a study of how the mind works and enrich your life with the abundance of wealth you and I richly deserve.


– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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