South African Election: Vote Law Of Attraction!!

It’s election time now with posters of prominent and possible candidate to chair the highest rank here in South Africa as our new President of the Republic.

The first ever ads of political parties wooing the public of why they should vote for them have filled our TVs during peak time, the posters are clustered on every street pole and on almost every billboard you can see, radios and at the tip of almost everyone tongue.

There is this particular political party though that has made it into the media and thus into our homes more than the rest even way before the campaigns and the ads where put up, all for the “wrong” reasons.

Corruption, crime, scandal, political conspiracies, court appearances, rape, power, bribes are just some of the words used by some to describe this candidate who had – and potentially still has – the chance to become the President of the Republic of South Africa.

Hell there’s a group on facebook that is against him becoming our national president and topics almost everywhere you turn on the connotations he would be tagged with if he were to be South Africa’s president.

Most women I know and most men too, are not ecstatic of having a “rapist for a president.”

Others feel embarrassed of possibly having a corrupt South African President, which I find amusing since unlike most the words “corrupt Politian” is something I have come to see as a norm, and far from being an oxymoron.

There are so many things happening, created/ attracted by, him, there are so many things people have to say about him, things you even hear on the radio, the emblem of his political party displayed in the background while a member of his party is being interviewed by a journalist, front page shots of him appearing in court, chain email floating around ridiculing him to the amusement of the sender, cartoonist joining the party, there is so much energy and attention behind him NOT becoming our next president.

It’s like you wake up in the morning knowing the day cannot end without hearing, reading, seeing, feeling something or someone say or imply how she does NOT want him to be president, forgetting that when you think about something NOT happening, it happens.

The prospects of this becoming highly possible comes from the level of intensity one has about this issue.

Now when we have a collective creation of minds imagining this person in the position of power and running government and linking an emotion of fear, anger, disgust, shame, etc with it, guess what will happen?

The images held in our subconscious mind creates the results in our lives.

The creation vehicle does not recognise the words I Do Not Want, it gives just gives you the image you hold or thinking about most in your mind.

The same thing was said in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Guide to Investing and Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God Book 1, that we attract what we fear.

I am certain that you have experienced this in your life. That lump of anxiety that weights down on your chest or when you heart racing before BAAAAM….something “bad” happens.

And that is the feeling I am getting right now before the nation heads for the polls on the 22nd of April 2009.

I see now how the United States’ former President George W. Bush become president, because he got all the attention and focus through collective consciousness.

I can’t help but smile in amusement and amazement of how power the mind is and how most of us are not taking advantage of it by allowing others to manipulate it. Social acceptance maybe, I don’t know.

There is so much beauty in the whole process.

What a blessing…

“There is abundance of opportunity for the person who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it.” – Wallace D. Wattles

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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