Looking At The Same Landscape, Differently

I am at work and I have come to believe that this is my training ground.

And how the day panes out will depend entirely on how I create the circumstances within my 7 hours of work period.

I can go as far as say that everything at work is what IS.

Neither is it wrong or right it just is.

Things get really exciting when I allow my environment to influence me, instead of having it the other way around.

There is this book I am reading and it states that all that I am receiving, is what I have created through the thoughts, words, deeds I am constantly repeating.

And these creations that I am exposed to are just physical manifestations of the thoughts, words, deeds that I am “vibrating” in.

It says this is a form of vibration – thinking, words, actions – which all matter is constantly sending out.

In biblical terms this could be called a prayer.

And there is a verse that says “ask and you shall receive.”

And this “receiving” comes to me in the form of the circumstances I am experiencing right now.

What I should stop doing is getting pissed off at the things I am attracting in my life because that is like getting pissed off that God is answering my prayers.

What I should do is acknowledge that so-and-so is really getting under my skin now but instead of feeling like bashing her head in with the closest office chair that I can find,I should choose what part of myself I choose to bring forth.

Another way I can deal with this is to be thankful for the lessons of self discipline or patients or faith she is teaching me for example.

I vibrate or pray “unconsciously” for a thing to appear, and when it shows up I start throwing my toys out the cot?

See that would be me calling out for more things to rant and rave over, instead I should rather be grateful for the experience because it has allowed me to have a reference of choosing the complete opposite of it.

Being in an Attitude of Gratitude saves lives, and in my case it saves jobs…but then again there is no way I will get rich sticking to it as the only source of income I am receiving.

But that’s another topic all together.

That brings me to another something I read somewhere that I am where I am right now because I wanted to be here whether I realise this or not.

It got me thinking.

Does that mean the fact that I hate being here and how angry I am of the things that have everything to do with work only makes me experience more of it?

As if to say all the emotions I put into the images related to my work environment would only return back to me the images I am feeding the subconscious.

A cycle I will continue to experience everyday which I can only escape if I write out a crystal clear, detailed description of an ideal I would rather want to experience.

Then use my tools of creation – thought, word, and deed/action – into working on the progressive realisation of this preferred way of life.

It’s so simple, basic.

I never realised how easy this was until I wrote the above paragraph. It has a new meaning to me now.

So, ja, I must think and grow rich out of the circumstances I do not like and leaning towards the ones I bring to life through help from the Divine.

I am deeply grateful for this process of creating.

This way of living.

[Musa laughs to himself]

I mean if I wasn’t grateful for this life in its entirety how else could I experience a “better life for all.”

I just pray that I live out what has been written here in this space and leave it not to collect dust like the rest of the things I write, heaven…it’s about time hey?

And I figure one could also use this in his private life as well.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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