For Things To Come To Me I Must…

For things to come to me I must stop wanting them.

Every prayer or process of creation is answered or becomes manifested respectively.

So with every “wanting” I have for something and I tell the universe (and everything within the universe) about, I get that exact desire thrown back at me, wanting the thing.

Putting the signal out of wanting would only produce that exact experience, wanting.

I must therefore be Joyfuly receiving that for which I desire.

I underlined Joy because having an emotion attached to that which you desire accelerates the whole process of receiving.

I would advise you link a Positive emotion with your desire because it IS positive results you would want to experience.

With that said for things to come to me I must be at peace with my self.

It is from the peace within that I will experience the peace without.

By “without” I ment peace with & from the outer world.

It is in this level of mastery that struggle to you would be but an error in thinking, and if rejected would make struggle non-existent.

It is this state of mind that can be reached through a persistent habit of frequent visits to your inner peace and faith and belief in self, with the support of those you hold closest to you.

Are your friends taking you towards your peace or taking your peace from you?

For things to come to me I must not need anything.

Need gives of the same frequency as wanting which could lead to dissapointment, a vibration that attracts like energy with like energy and I find myself angered by the frustation of my dissapointment that is making me feel dependent and not in control…

Not only to the harm of others, but my self too.

So for me to counter this I must be full of gratitude.

Gratitude for all that contributes to my advancement, and since the bad also made me stronger now than I was before encountering it, it too must be grateful for.

Not only that gratitude increase faith but gratitude for all brings in more.

For things to come to me I must be grateful for all.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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