The First Step To Success

Take a moment and close your eyes and feel your Self – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – deattach your Self from all attachments of your outer reality.

Feel and follow your breath from your nose/mouth, down your throat, filling your lungs and back up your throat, then exhale out again.

Now that nothing in the world can touch you because of your complete deattachment from it and absolute control over your vibrational state, be grateful with your Entire Being of your main desire and how GOOD it feels now that you are receiving it, Right Now.

You see now, from the exercise written above, why it is so important is to have a desire or an ideal goal that you can hold on to?

It is because of you holding on to its manifestation (this ideal goal or desire) on a creative level that it would, and does, literally save your life.

Now the question you should be asking is: What do you desire above all else?

And most importantly: Why is it such an important desire for you?

With this in mind you would be advised that the faster you [a] write your ultimate desire/ideal goal for your eyes to read, your voice to read out aloud for your ears to hear, the closer you are to receiving it.

Keep in mind that the faster you [b] roll over and over in your mind this chief aim, like you would something you want to prolong the taste of in your mouth, with the crystallizing intent & purpose of owning it RIGHT NOW, the faster you will witness opportunities that will act as a bridge between you and your desired outcome.

Just waiting for you to cross it.

Most importantly the faster you do this the more apparent you will see who is to blame for all your temporary failures[*] in life.

Once all the illusions and the excuses are gone and you have grown enough in your self development would you discover that the only person standing between you and ultimate success is you.

Always and only you.

* is failure truly failure if it but shows you what is needed from you to go to the next step?

If it but shows you were you need to grow in order to become a success?

If you were to look back at your supposed “failures” you will actually see that they are your successes, because of their contributions to your growth & development.

You are what you are right now because of your “failures.”




Now how could that be seen as a failure?

In truth you can’t ever fail, but succeed.

We were built to succeed and yet we focus all of our attention on how we “failed” and not on how we “succeeded”.

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.”

So the first step to change is to know what you want.

Everything else is just a mathematical equation that will result with you achieving it.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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