"Circumstances Are How I Create Them."

Do me a favour and stop bitching and moarning about what you are currently dealing with, because you are just blocking yourself from getting the thing you really want.


Instead of making this situation stay with you longer than it should, be grateful for it.

Because whatever “it” is, is contributing to your development.

Your are stronger today, than you were yesterday.

Be grateful for that.

That means you can take it, and by having the guts of actually admitting that you brought this onto yourself* can you rise like the Phoenix you are to change it.

“We become what we thing about.”

And it is through this change from within that you will witness how the world around you changes.

But change comes from being grateful for the growth that your current and temporary circumstances your experience is giving you.

That way you can focus more on the desired outcome, using the current, temporary circumstances as a reference.

*You attract and bring into existence whatever thought you mostly think & talk about, or its equivalent, and whatever you emotion you feel most of the time.

So the phsyical equivalent of whatever it is you feel, think & talk about will become your experience.

For proof of this look to what you have been talk, thinking about and what emotion you are associating with this, then look at your current and future experiences and see how harmonious they are to one another.

Now just image what constant gratitude for everything would do to your life…

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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