Blessed Are Those…

Blessed are those that have participated in an extra-curriculum activity at school, I believe.

From being introduced to a new sport, with no idea how to play a particular sport, even from being handed the “tools” needed to play the game effectively to then having the ability that surpasses roughly 95% of the other players on the field.

So in other words I had the tools that would allow me to potentially be the best of the best.

The elite.

I would have had it even better if I was surrounded by a group of people – a team – who were equally progressively working towards the same worthy ideal.

This is from using the same tools that are given to everyone else, but for the sole of purpose of being successful.

Everyone wants to be successful to an extent but “everyone” is NOT using the God given tools “successfully”.

Hence the low scoring projected by the results they have in their lives.
I mean the results ARE my life.

But what I have realised and what I’m trying to get my head around is, not only have we been blessed with the tools of living an overly abundant and successful life in all areas of our lives, but – this is the most exhilarating Truth – we “make up the rules as we go along,” or the way we play the game, in this case.

And yet we setup justifiable obstacles based on what we have been taught of how life should be played, or how we see others play the game of life.
Usually to our disadvantage.

“Match fixing,” setting ourselves up for the fall and blaming others for our current state of affairs. ESPECIALLY when these affairs are not the results we want in our lives.
But they just keep on coming don’t they?

In every form, shape and size.

It’s amusing and heartbreaking at the same time.

It’s like walking up to a rape victim and telling her that she brought this on to herself.
What level of evil that would be?

Because with me repeating with almost every update that we manifest into the physical equivalent the emotions, thoughts and images we vibrate mostly in, that is EXACTLY what I am saying.

“I become what I thing about.”

“Thought are things.”

“I attract what I think about through word and feeling.”

“Everything that I experience and how my circumstances are, I have attracted.”

“If we could accept responsibility for all of it, we have the power to change some of it.”

Guard you thoughts, your feelings, your deeds and the words you utter. I employ you to guard your thoughts, your feelings, your deeds and what you utter. Because you are in the creation process, something will Definitely manifest from that.

And once you send out that prayer of what you are thinking, feeling, you will be answered.


If you don’t see it, with your eyes, immediately and you keep on “praying,” then you will see it tomorrow or the day after that.

But you will see it!

One day it will appear with such force and intensity you will throw your hands in the air in pain asking why this is happening to you…forgetting that there were signs along the way hinting on what you will eventually call into being.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.”


Your faith in this is weak hence you get blown away when your thoughts, words and deeds manifest in the physical, negatively.

But let it happen that something good happens to you then you lack the gratitude that is needed for you to experience more of the blessing you are receiving(not fully understanding the process), and claim it as your own.

Because you so good, you are on fire!

King Of The World!


I mean of course you are, without question, you are created in the image and likeness of * God.

Yet it goes without saying that this state of mind cannot be expected to be reached over night – constant state of gratitude.

At the same time I am not saying it can’t be attained.

The reason behind this update was to ask of you just of one thing, and that is for you to be on the alert of what you are creating through the tools God/ Universe gave you to live a life of joy, truth, and love…the abundance, wealth, success and prosperity.

And keep in mind the further away you associate yourself from God through your lack of gratitude for all things that have contributed to your development, the bad included, the more lack or/and hurt you will experience.

Live life abundantly regardless of your current experiences, and thank God for it.

* please bear in mind God can come to you in any form or shape He wants.

Because just like you He/She/It is abundant.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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