Looking At The Same Landscape, Differently

I am at work and I have come to believe that this is my training ground.

And how the day panes out will depend entirely on how I create the circumstances within my 7 hours of work period.

I can go as far as say that everything at work is what IS.

Neither is it wrong or right it just is.

Things get really exciting when I allow my environment to influence me, instead of having it the other way around.

There is this book I am reading and it states that all that I am receiving, is what I have created through the thoughts, words, deeds I am constantly repeating.

And these creations that I am exposed to are just physical manifestations of the thoughts, words, deeds that I am “vibrating” in.

It says this is a form of vibration – thinking, words, actions – which all matter is constantly sending out.

In biblical terms this could be called a prayer.

And there is a verse that says “ask and you shall receive.”

And this “receiving” comes to me in the form of the circumstances I am experiencing right now.

What I should stop doing is getting pissed off at the things I am attracting in my life because that is like getting pissed off that God is answering my prayers.

What I should do is acknowledge that so-and-so is really getting under my skin now but instead of feeling like bashing her head in with the closest office chair that I can find,I should choose what part of myself I choose to bring forth.

Another way I can deal with this is to be thankful for the lessons of self discipline or patients or faith she is teaching me for example.

I vibrate or pray “unconsciously” for a thing to appear, and when it shows up I start throwing my toys out the cot?

See that would be me calling out for more things to rant and rave over, instead I should rather be grateful for the experience because it has allowed me to have a reference of choosing the complete opposite of it.

Being in an Attitude of Gratitude saves lives, and in my case it saves jobs…but then again there is no way I will get rich sticking to it as the only source of income I am receiving.

But that’s another topic all together.

That brings me to another something I read somewhere that I am where I am right now because I wanted to be here whether I realise this or not.

It got me thinking.

Does that mean the fact that I hate being here and how angry I am of the things that have everything to do with work only makes me experience more of it?

As if to say all the emotions I put into the images related to my work environment would only return back to me the images I am feeding the subconscious.

A cycle I will continue to experience everyday which I can only escape if I write out a crystal clear, detailed description of an ideal I would rather want to experience.

Then use my tools of creation – thought, word, and deed/action – into working on the progressive realisation of this preferred way of life.

It’s so simple, basic.

I never realised how easy this was until I wrote the above paragraph. It has a new meaning to me now.

So, ja, I must think and grow rich out of the circumstances I do not like and leaning towards the ones I bring to life through help from the Divine.

I am deeply grateful for this process of creating.

This way of living.

[Musa laughs to himself]

I mean if I wasn’t grateful for this life in its entirety how else could I experience a “better life for all.”

I just pray that I live out what has been written here in this space and leave it not to collect dust like the rest of the things I write, heaven…it’s about time hey?

And I figure one could also use this in his private life as well.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Where Belief Comes From

You know I must do this often – writing, blogging, twitting, facebooking about the metaphysical.

This is a new concept for me, and I feel that I’m getting it.

Little by little, I am getting it.

Now I just need to accept it.

Especially the part when I have to believe in something I haven’t come to experience yet.

Then having to counter my conscious – which believes I deserve less from the training I gave it – with images of abundance, worthyness, peace, freedom and vision.

Rewritting and visualising the place and person I want to become holding the image for longer periods until my subconscious mind accepts it.

I must then become exciting and grateful about this worthy ideal I have planted in my head and then set definite plans to follow which will bring to me what I want from life.

Now I just have to believe that and act on it, instead of parroting what I have read from Think and Grow Rich.

“Belief comes from hearing, and hearing the word.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

"Why Don’t You Come To Church Anymore?"

I have been attracting this question most of the time I go to my uncle’s place.

A religious family they are, with my uncle holding a senior position with the church.

The Old Apostolic Church.

With constant visits from church followers, who seem to allows come attached with the question “why don’t you come to church anymore?” every time the come across me there.

Answering that question came to be hard for me because…I mean, with my level of awareness right now, where to I start?

It is then my reasons come to be presented as excuses to them, with me leaving the conversation mortified…crucified (hehe excuse the pun) due to my inability of presenting my case, my truth as adequately as possible.

Because after all it IS a matter of Truth. Keeping in mind My Truth may, at times, not be Your Truth.

And it’s amazing how others want to instil their truth in you because their truth have set them “free.”

And questioning this truth – that is, Their truth – would be like questioning their freedom.

Something hold on to for the salvation of their soul, something they consider sacred and God-given.

Even though I might find liberation in sourcing out the answers to these “unquestionable questions” they work so hard to protect, because ignorance is bliss.

They are happy not knowing and want me to confirm to this “happiness” through, for lack of a better paradox, their false truths, all the while instilling fear in me in the name of love.

“Because God is to feared.”

“Because the Bible says so. And we base our teachings here in the church from scriptures taken from the Bible.”

“Because God said so. See X chapter Y verse Z to AA.”

The very same bible that was edited time and time again for MY best interests.

Like watching a movies with missing scences so not to mislead my mind with the words of God.

The very judgemental, envious God who has laid down the 10 commandments for me to follow, and who Also has given me free will and the power to choose what I want.

Because a repeatedly edited bible do me so?

Preaching the gospel according to selected verse, neglecting others.

Bestow human characterists on such an awesome Source of All by making Her love conditional because imaging a God who loves without condition is too magnificent to accept.

A God who regardless of how many times you curse Him forever waits for Her to call on It for help.

Always, ALWAYS ready to guide you out of your self constructed pits of fear, sadness, misery, lack, depression, anxiety and worry.

No the church teaches you how you should fear a loving God because if you don’t not only are you going to hell, but She will torture your soul for eternity.

Because will bring down a vengeful wrath for making the wrong choices in life, the life She gave you to experience with a free will to do as you wish.

Even though in the bible He gave us the 10 commandments to follow.


Free will…?

Fearing a Loving God…?

A God that loves with condition…?

A church that encourages me to love my fellow men by teaching to fear God. Creator of All. And how I must tell them to do just like I do and work for the salvation of their souls.

I take it their are damned if they don’t.

How inviting.

I have to say what did turn me on about going to church was how they stuck to how God lives in us.

In my head I seemed to picture this young, looking cacausian the size of an action figure, with a long brown beard and blurring facial faces in a white robe, standing with his open palms facing me.

That was why depiction of my soul, how cute of me.

Then the guy on the altar loses the whole plot by telling of how I should love that which I fear and fear that which I love, and sacrificise my time for It for an hour – just an hour? – everyday in praising It.

Then at the end of service I must come to accept/ acknowledge the shame I feel with me not leaving up to the standards set by the church of how I should please God.

I see now why one should hold to their own Truth or seek to find them.

The boundaries set by my church on ways I should God, the reasons behind this and the foundations these principles are based on, to me, are not in alignment with the freedom I know God is.

I Know this the way I Know most things and their relationship to me, and that is through feeling.

Something this fear-based world ridicules as inferior, hence the shape, condition, and state this world is in.

I don’t do church no more because I found it a limiting expression of my love for God.

And how the kept dissing everyone else, but that I mean people outside the congregation, just pissed me off. Watching how the elders taught the coming generation was the exclamation point.

With all that I choose to see at church how could I then continue to insult my soul with me pitching up everytime?

So to please my relatives at the expense of my happiness?

I choose not to.

It is after all A Matter Of Choice.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

For Things To Come To Me I Must…

For things to come to me I must stop wanting them.

Every prayer or process of creation is answered or becomes manifested respectively.

So with every “wanting” I have for something and I tell the universe (and everything within the universe) about, I get that exact desire thrown back at me, wanting the thing.

Putting the signal out of wanting would only produce that exact experience, wanting.

I must therefore be Joyfuly receiving that for which I desire.

I underlined Joy because having an emotion attached to that which you desire accelerates the whole process of receiving.

I would advise you link a Positive emotion with your desire because it IS positive results you would want to experience.

With that said for things to come to me I must be at peace with my self.

It is from the peace within that I will experience the peace without.

By “without” I ment peace with & from the outer world.

It is in this level of mastery that struggle to you would be but an error in thinking, and if rejected would make struggle non-existent.

It is this state of mind that can be reached through a persistent habit of frequent visits to your inner peace and faith and belief in self, with the support of those you hold closest to you.

Are your friends taking you towards your peace or taking your peace from you?

For things to come to me I must not need anything.

Need gives of the same frequency as wanting which could lead to dissapointment, a vibration that attracts like energy with like energy and I find myself angered by the frustation of my dissapointment that is making me feel dependent and not in control…

Not only to the harm of others, but my self too.

So for me to counter this I must be full of gratitude.

Gratitude for all that contributes to my advancement, and since the bad also made me stronger now than I was before encountering it, it too must be grateful for.

Not only that gratitude increase faith but gratitude for all brings in more.

For things to come to me I must be grateful for all.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The First Step To Success

Take a moment and close your eyes and feel your Self – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – deattach your Self from all attachments of your outer reality.

Feel and follow your breath from your nose/mouth, down your throat, filling your lungs and back up your throat, then exhale out again.

Now that nothing in the world can touch you because of your complete deattachment from it and absolute control over your vibrational state, be grateful with your Entire Being of your main desire and how GOOD it feels now that you are receiving it, Right Now.

You see now, from the exercise written above, why it is so important is to have a desire or an ideal goal that you can hold on to?

It is because of you holding on to its manifestation (this ideal goal or desire) on a creative level that it would, and does, literally save your life.

Now the question you should be asking is: What do you desire above all else?

And most importantly: Why is it such an important desire for you?

With this in mind you would be advised that the faster you [a] write your ultimate desire/ideal goal for your eyes to read, your voice to read out aloud for your ears to hear, the closer you are to receiving it.

Keep in mind that the faster you [b] roll over and over in your mind this chief aim, like you would something you want to prolong the taste of in your mouth, with the crystallizing intent & purpose of owning it RIGHT NOW, the faster you will witness opportunities that will act as a bridge between you and your desired outcome.

Just waiting for you to cross it.

Most importantly the faster you do this the more apparent you will see who is to blame for all your temporary failures[*] in life.

Once all the illusions and the excuses are gone and you have grown enough in your self development would you discover that the only person standing between you and ultimate success is you.

Always and only you.

* is failure truly failure if it but shows you what is needed from you to go to the next step?

If it but shows you were you need to grow in order to become a success?

If you were to look back at your supposed “failures” you will actually see that they are your successes, because of their contributions to your growth & development.

You are what you are right now because of your “failures.”




Now how could that be seen as a failure?

In truth you can’t ever fail, but succeed.

We were built to succeed and yet we focus all of our attention on how we “failed” and not on how we “succeeded”.

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.”

So the first step to change is to know what you want.

Everything else is just a mathematical equation that will result with you achieving it.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

"Circumstances Are How I Create Them."

Do me a favour and stop bitching and moarning about what you are currently dealing with, because you are just blocking yourself from getting the thing you really want.


Instead of making this situation stay with you longer than it should, be grateful for it.

Because whatever “it” is, is contributing to your development.

Your are stronger today, than you were yesterday.

Be grateful for that.

That means you can take it, and by having the guts of actually admitting that you brought this onto yourself* can you rise like the Phoenix you are to change it.

“We become what we thing about.”

And it is through this change from within that you will witness how the world around you changes.

But change comes from being grateful for the growth that your current and temporary circumstances your experience is giving you.

That way you can focus more on the desired outcome, using the current, temporary circumstances as a reference.

*You attract and bring into existence whatever thought you mostly think & talk about, or its equivalent, and whatever you emotion you feel most of the time.

So the phsyical equivalent of whatever it is you feel, think & talk about will become your experience.

For proof of this look to what you have been talk, thinking about and what emotion you are associating with this, then look at your current and future experiences and see how harmonious they are to one another.

Now just image what constant gratitude for everything would do to your life…

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Finding Joy In Labour

Today I woke up not in the best of moods. And in my attempt of asking myself why I was in such a mood, I discovered I was making things worse.

I enjoy “rolling” in to the day, as if getting my body used to the idea that it’s awake now. So I took the opportunity to do something productive.

Start off the day on a positive & creative note before heading in for my evening shift later on.

So there I went, with my grumpy self, to go wash my car.

I just thank God for the guy who thought of installing the radio/cd player inside Palio, because singing along to Beyonce’s new cd made me feel better.

“Don’t be mad when you see that he want it…If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.”


And while I was busy cleaning Palio, that’s the name of my car by the way, words of…inspiration or motivation – call it whatever you want – came to me.

Just like they do when I get inspired to write a poem or two.

Come to think of it, I haven’t written in a while hey? A poem that is…

But in any case I saved it as a message on cell with the objective of posting it here.

So to be “heard” on a large scale.

The words went as follows:

Yes I know it’s full of crap and it sucks but you aren’t making the situation better by holding on to it.

Let go and do something creative that will take your mind off things.

This is temporary so let it go so that you can focus on more beautiful, joyful and more loving things…like yourself for instance.

Like the ad says, “You’re worth it.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Meet Emil Coué: How To Experience Success

…in first your inner world and then your outer world.

Always keep that in mind.

You have to “change” first before everyone and everything else around you does.

It’s never the other way around.

“If you repeat a million times the famous Emil Coué formula, “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better,” without mixing emotion and FAITH with your words, you will experience no desirable results.”

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Blessed Are Those…

Blessed are those that have participated in an extra-curriculum activity at school, I believe.

From being introduced to a new sport, with no idea how to play a particular sport, even from being handed the “tools” needed to play the game effectively to then having the ability that surpasses roughly 95% of the other players on the field.

So in other words I had the tools that would allow me to potentially be the best of the best.

The elite.

I would have had it even better if I was surrounded by a group of people – a team – who were equally progressively working towards the same worthy ideal.

This is from using the same tools that are given to everyone else, but for the sole of purpose of being successful.

Everyone wants to be successful to an extent but “everyone” is NOT using the God given tools “successfully”.

Hence the low scoring projected by the results they have in their lives.
I mean the results ARE my life.

But what I have realised and what I’m trying to get my head around is, not only have we been blessed with the tools of living an overly abundant and successful life in all areas of our lives, but – this is the most exhilarating Truth – we “make up the rules as we go along,” or the way we play the game, in this case.

And yet we setup justifiable obstacles based on what we have been taught of how life should be played, or how we see others play the game of life.
Usually to our disadvantage.

“Match fixing,” setting ourselves up for the fall and blaming others for our current state of affairs. ESPECIALLY when these affairs are not the results we want in our lives.
But they just keep on coming don’t they?

In every form, shape and size.

It’s amusing and heartbreaking at the same time.

It’s like walking up to a rape victim and telling her that she brought this on to herself.
What level of evil that would be?

Because with me repeating with almost every update that we manifest into the physical equivalent the emotions, thoughts and images we vibrate mostly in, that is EXACTLY what I am saying.

“I become what I thing about.”

“Thought are things.”

“I attract what I think about through word and feeling.”

“Everything that I experience and how my circumstances are, I have attracted.”

“If we could accept responsibility for all of it, we have the power to change some of it.”

Guard you thoughts, your feelings, your deeds and the words you utter. I employ you to guard your thoughts, your feelings, your deeds and what you utter. Because you are in the creation process, something will Definitely manifest from that.

And once you send out that prayer of what you are thinking, feeling, you will be answered.


If you don’t see it, with your eyes, immediately and you keep on “praying,” then you will see it tomorrow or the day after that.

But you will see it!

One day it will appear with such force and intensity you will throw your hands in the air in pain asking why this is happening to you…forgetting that there were signs along the way hinting on what you will eventually call into being.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.”


Your faith in this is weak hence you get blown away when your thoughts, words and deeds manifest in the physical, negatively.

But let it happen that something good happens to you then you lack the gratitude that is needed for you to experience more of the blessing you are receiving(not fully understanding the process), and claim it as your own.

Because you so good, you are on fire!

King Of The World!


I mean of course you are, without question, you are created in the image and likeness of * God.

Yet it goes without saying that this state of mind cannot be expected to be reached over night – constant state of gratitude.

At the same time I am not saying it can’t be attained.

The reason behind this update was to ask of you just of one thing, and that is for you to be on the alert of what you are creating through the tools God/ Universe gave you to live a life of joy, truth, and love…the abundance, wealth, success and prosperity.

And keep in mind the further away you associate yourself from God through your lack of gratitude for all things that have contributed to your development, the bad included, the more lack or/and hurt you will experience.

Live life abundantly regardless of your current experiences, and thank God for it.

* please bear in mind God can come to you in any form or shape He wants.

Because just like you He/She/It is abundant.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele