Is Your Creativity Making You Rich, Or Keeping You Poor

So here I am repeatedly pouring in to my head thoughts about wealth, prosperity and abundance through listening to audios by motivational speakers like Robert T. Kiyosaki and the likes of Neale Donald Walsch and reading other mindset shifters like Think and Grow Rich and watching inspirational movies like The Secret DVD and stuff, then it hit me.

From all the things that I am learning from and wrapping my head in, 10% of the masses out there use and function at a higher creative imagination faculty than the other 90%, that’s why they [10% of the people in the world] are receiving 90% of all the money that’s being made.

So 10% of the people out there are doing things 90% of the people find uncomfortable doing, hence their level of success that seems to snowball effect, putting them into financial platforms of purchasing bankrupt businesses that are hit hard by the recession, for example.

Like Robert T. Kiyosaki would say the “elite minority” look for problems that they can solve, in the form of a racked apartment for example, which they could look at and see if they could fix it up and put it in a position where it will make money for them.

It’s like, in the financial sense, having a trained mindset of looking for “problems” that make the rich richer as opposed to going out there and looking for “answers” or doing “nothing” about ones poor cashflow management.

So in effect it from me becoming a “genius”, what Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich defined as “a person who has discovered how to increase the vibrations of thought to the point where they can freely communicate with the sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of vibration of thought,” I would benefit financially in proportion to the services I would render to the needy.

Which leads me into thinking about some of us out there who are ignorant.

Ignorance in the sense that they don’t know, that they don’t know.

Ignorance in terms of not understanding that you don’t have to know all the answers, because success comes from surrounding yourself with people who know what you don’t.

Ignorance in terms of understanding that wealth comes sustainably through specific processes and the idea of having a surplus of a million rands in your bank account after just watching The Secret DVD for that first time cannot magically transform your life, relationship wise; financially; health wise; spiritually; and mentally, just like that [Musa snaps his fingers].

The “get rich quick” mentality.

Which is possible mind you, but if the image of money within your subconscious mind has not grown to a point of believing, with absolute knowing, you are worthy of this abundance of finances you are suddenly receiving, you will go back to making the money you were making before.

In the words of Jake Funk: “You cannot make $100 000 a year with a $10 000 head.”

Ignorance in the sense that a lot of people don’t know that as David Schirmer’s wife put it we are spiritual beings, living in a physical body.

Ignorance in terms of how the masses not knowing how to use God or the Universe – what Wallace D. Wattles defines as “the Intelligence Substance from which all things originate from” in his book The Science of Getting Rich – in receiving anything and everything one may want from life.

But what I find ironic is that, it is this 10% of the geniuses in the world that the other 90% are intimidated by to the point of reacting, mostly, in the negative.

Because they use the law of relativity against them by comparing themselves to someone who is better off, instead of being grateful for the riches they have in comparison to those that don’t have: riches in the form of education; the running water; the shelter, food, clothing, electricity and access to the internet, for example

90% looks at the 10% and become aware of what they “lack”, not understanding that we all have the God-given power to create and attract the unlimited abundance that does not exist for the person who competes for everything they want.

A competitor is someone who uses mostly the synthetic imagination part of the mind to kick down the ladder to which she climbed to “success” with.

True success is not feeding a man for a day by giving him a fish, but by teaching him how to fish and feeding him for a lifetime.

Your rise to success must benefit the lot instead of going for the “lone ranger” mentality.

Because it is this lone-ranger mentality that matches the mentality that 90% of the people have, hence the 10% of the money they are making.

That’s why I am persistently filling my subconscious mind – the part of the mind that controls my life, the part that projects to me as my life experiences that which I hold within it – with abundant and wealthy images, pictures & thoughts so to play for the other team.

The team that holds 90% of the all the money that is being made.

”We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents”. – Eric Hoffer.

The above it something I got from the Signpost to freedom, check it out.

PS: I have come to experience that the conscious mind tends to reject new ideas that are not in alignment with your current mindset.

If that new idea is good to you go over it repeatedly, relentlessly and tirelessly.

You do that and permanent change occurs in your head, change that will be reflected and projected back to you in your everyday life experience.

PPS: The Universe or God or Life rewards people who can control their emotions and work on feeling good the majority of the time…food for thought…use it…don’t use it…

– Tshoaele


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