Mind Over Matter

I got another epiphany [always wanted to use that word] today.

It dawned on me that I wake up every 5 day week to exchange my time for the money that pays for my debts.

Leaving me with nothing in my bank account 2 weeks in, with another 2 weeks to go before my next payday.

I get reminded by this with the mail I receive, the calls that ask about installments that are in arrears, the colleagues that I surround myself with, and the poor management of my finances…well whatever finances is left after the tax, the debt and the expenses have gone through.

It’s like I am happy and grateful the one moment then it seems like someone vacuum cleans my pocket the next, and then I have to go through the same process for the following 30 days.

How adventurous.

So I end up borrowing that last R500 from friends, family and colleagues, that way I am guaranteed that come month end I would be R500 short again. Successfully keeping the cycle of lack alive with me sticking to this single source of income, because that was all I knew.

Above is me focusing on my self image about money.

A self image I will continue to experience if I continue to rant and tell those who are willing to lend an ear about how I “lack” in my finances, even though I exist within a world of unlimited financial abundance.

”With Every Failure There Is Seed Of An Equivalent Success” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

With that established come I find this seed by looking for the value of my temporary state of failure, and changing my focus.

Since I know what I don’t want, come I focus on what I would like to experience. Keeping in mind that I attract in my life what I focus on in thought and feeling.

Day 1

Desire: I bless the day that God has answered my prayers in the form of these additional sources of income He keeps on channeling to me.

Conscious mind: You’re lying. Stop fooling yourself, people will laugh at you.

Subconscious mind: …

Day 2

Desire and Purpose: I am happy and grateful now that I have these additional sources of income that pays off my expenses and elevates me from this shameful existence of lack I am moving out off.

Conscious mind: Stop kidding yourself. You are embarrassing yourself with this kind of talk, and you know it.

Subconscious mind: …

Day 3

Desire and Purpose and Faith: Thank you God for these additional sources of income that you keep on blessing me with. Thank you God for these large sums of money you are bringing into my life so to not only pay off my expenses but to also take care of my family too.

My bank account has never looked so abundant, my lifestyle has never looked so full. I love the way you are continuing to move me from thinking in the negative and into thoughts and feelings of the rich and wealthy.

Conscious mind: Musa where is this wealth you are talking about ‘cause I don’t see it?? Do you?

Subconscious mind: …

Day 4

Desire & Purpose & Faith & Vision: I thank you God, from the bottom of my heart, for these large sums of additional sources of income you continue to bless me with, almost every day, and in ever increasing amounts and from multiple sources.

Thank you God for letting me know, with every fiber of my being, that this abundance of finances is worthy of me and for helping me set up myself in the way of receiving, and owning this sudden financial abundance and being able to keep it for long periods of time.

It is from these additional income sources, which I am so so SO grateful for, that I will continue to pay off my expenses, take care of my family and channel it into investments that will always bring in money from their end as well.

I am so happy, God, now that you continue to move me out of thinking in the negative and into thinking and attracting only the positive hence these riches that are in my possession RIGHT NOW.

Conscious mind: No Musa I am rejecting this. You will continue to think and feel the way you are thinking and feeling right now. There is no way out, and no way that this will change.

Subconscious mind: …

”Nothing changes if nothing changes.” – Unknown

… days, weeks, months go by…

Desire & Purpose & Faith & Vision & Emotion: God, not only does this bring a smile to my face, and fill my heart with so much joy and gratitude that almost makes me cry just by witnessing the riches I currently have.

God, I am so happy and deeply grateful to you God for this abundance of finances that comes straight to me in the form of large sums of additional income sources you continue to bless me with.

It is thanks to you, God, that our fridge is full of groceries to feed the family for a long time.

I feel joy in my heart, the way you have allowed me to buy new clothes and accessories for myself and my family and my girlfriend.

I am so grateful for the wisdom you are blessing me with in finding cash flow rich assets to invest in, and increase these additional income sources so to pay off my expenses and buy me my luxuries and live an abundantly comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you so much my God for moving me from this temporary failure and into the incoming stream of this financial abundance I am submerged in, that is coming into my life for through sustainable channels.

Thank you for making me feel love and rich and abundant in order for me to live a more comfortable life and also allow you to live through me completely.

Thank you for making me an instrument of thy love.

Conscious mind: …

Subconscious mind: Love. Additional sources of income. Joy. Groceries in fridge. Happiness. New clothes and accessories. Gratitude. Cash flow rich assets. Wisdom. Investments. Money. Luxury. Smile. Abundance. Rich. Comfortable life. Appreciation. Freedom.

– Tshoaele

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