How Do I Pray

“Ask and you shall receive.”

If you believe in the above then I am sure you also believe that they way God is so powerful & magnificent, He already knows what you long for before you even ask it.

So in actual fact He has already answered you before you even word it out of your lips.

In other words there is no need to ask for anything because it is already yours, all you need to do is be grateful for receiving it.

So in other words a prayer to God is a prayer of thanksgiving and appreciation, instead of a prayer of supplication, like Neale Donald Walsch puts it in his Conversations with God.

Anyway you would emit a stronger signal of faith if you where to indulge in prayers of thanksgiving than if you where to ask or request for something.

In a way it just emphases your lack of faith, unconsciously mind you.

I mean you have Person A who asks for things from God, re-affirming her lack of that very thing she is requesting, while on the other hand you have Person B who is grateful that she – not only has God heard her prayers – has received that for which she wanted, re-affirming her faith in God’s ability to give her anything she wants.

“inheritors of the Kingdom.”

How can you pray for something that is not there?


In his book The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles mentioned that Gratitude increases Faith.

So it is in your Faith in God and trust that He gives you all your heat desires that you can truly experience a life of abundance.

It looks good on paper doesn’t?

Not really, it all boils down to How Bad You Want It.

…use it…don’t use it…

– Tshoaele

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