Law Of Attraction: My Definition

The law of attraction is exactly that, a law.

When I say, “The law of attraction does not work,” I am using the law of attraction to block off from my senses all signs of this law not working, just as much as I would be using the same law by affirming that “I believe in the law of attraction,” in making it work.

So when you think about something and you attach an emotion of it and emotionalizing this thought, let’s say with an emotion of fear for example, the physical equivalent of that emotion will manifest.

Just like if you were to attach an emotion of love to a picture or an image of what you might be thinking about. The physical equivalent must manifest.

It’s law.

If you can allow me to backtrack a bit. When I say “you must attach an emotion to it”, what I mean is that when you think about something you want, link that image with an emotion of happiness, for example, or joy, or accomplishment, or even pride or bliss or excitement.

That is what I mean by “attaching” an emotion to it, through prayer or visualization.

The subconscious mind controls our result, the images we hold in our subconscious mind control our life.

So the whole process of using the law of attraction to our advantage is using tools like visualizing to replace the already existing images in our subconscious mind (images that are not giving you the experiences you want to experience) with images of the things you desire.

So the longer you pray, holding in your mind the vision of what you want and falling in love with it, the faster opportunities will show in your life that – if taken – will give you that for which you desire.

The more you pray, the more your visualize, the clearer your image becomes. And that is what you want. A crystal clear image in your mind, emotionalized, of what you want in order for it to manifest.

Be on the lookout for these opportunities every moment of your day and have the courage to take them, failure to do so is detrimental to your success.

This process of creation is not something you can do today, and get what you focused on tomorrow.

I am not saying that that is not possible, what I just want to highlight to you is that at times (not always) doubt creeps in making the process of creation longer than it should be.

You have been creating everything in your life, believe or not even the things you complain about, unconsciously. So when you use this power consciously it might appear “new” to you. And the mind has a tendency of rejecting things that are not in harmony with your current mindset.

Because you lack faith in it.

But you can remedy that with another powerful tool of attraction: Gratitude.

Being grateful continuously for something in the spiritual realm, that which you want to experience in the physical realm increases Faith.

“Faith comes from hearing, and hearing the word.”

This is a change of mindset, and something you have conditioned from decades will not change overnight.

So this is something that one must work on continuously until those unwanted images of the mind have been replaced by preferred images of abundance and wealth in all areas of your life.

In other words this is long term commitment to change, a commitment that could be shortened through continual repetition of a new idea until change occurs in your life.

Here is a link to an audio or two that you can download and listen to consistently to to help change the way you thinking in order to change the way you experience life.

I have said my 2 cents worth, honestly the ball is in your court.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr…

– Tshoaele

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