Ma Asked Me To Tell Her About The Secret

I wanted to laugh in her face but stopped myself short when I realised she wasn’t being sarcastic or ridiculing me.

She followed up that first request by asking how she can change her mind set.

Then I realised that this came from her hearing to an audio I was playing in my car about the secrets to success and abundance in one’s life.

I didn’t think it was hitting home for her. But it appears I was wrong.

You should have heard how unconvincing I was in echoing what I have learned about the secret to success, principles I have been studying for about over two years now.

And honestly speaking, that is what I have been doing with this blog of mines that I continue to update regularly…echoing.

Do I BELIEVE the things that I echo?

Because if I did my enthusiasm in informing others of SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE laws that EVERYONE should know in order to live a life full of PROSPERITY and RICHES, would be at an all time high, at all times, infecting everyone within an ear’s reach!

That would be mostly due to having allowed these scientifically proven wealth & success principles to energize and renew me from the inside out, making me shine with my own Light and bring hope into people lives with a message that seems to say “all it not lost.”

“We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.” – Earl Nightingale

Do I BELIEVE the things that I echo?

I do.

I have to because the alternative of not heeding to the maxim “We Become What We Think About” is like letting an enormously powerful earth-moving truck, slang for “ama-caterpillar” in my part of the world, run randomly and wildly over each moment of my life.

It would be like saying I am letting someone else control how my mind functions, as long as every fort night or thirty day period I get the payslip that pays the bills, I am happy.

Limiting my powerful creation machine, that in my mind, to the 1st gear then back to neutral. Even though my “gears” are unlimited.

At times, being caught at the centre of my two fears:

  1. A fear of failure and,
  2. A fear of success.

Afraid to move forward because I have created in my mind a movie of what will happen in the future, how arrogant of me, and it wasn’t a movie that I liked or had a good ending for me.

Self sabotage.

I am not in charge, I used to say to myself unconsciously, so I am going to let the community of “they” control my life.

Removing me, disempowering myself from the responsibility of changing the things that I do not like, the things I do not want in my life, because it is “their” fault that a, b, c happened/did not happen.

“Because I am not capable of creating such unworthy circumstances in my life. I mean why would I?” I used to think.

Not realising that I was doing exactly that, and continuing to do so from every moment, from the now onwards.

And the cycle continued due to my ignorance.

“We Become What We Think About” – Earl Nightingale

And when I fall off my wagon of thinking in the positive, I get conscious of that, then get back on. Because God rewards those who are happy or feel good most of the time.

As addictive as thinking in the negative might be.

Now to the question of how ma can change her mind set to one that will attract wealth, abundance and feel good vibes.

To that I would say: Start “echoing”:).

One of the ways that I can change my mind set is through continuous, persistent repetition of a new idea and/or worthy ideal.

This is something that I first heard of from the free downloadable audios I got upon registering with The Succeed Magazine.

By saying “continuous, persistent repetition” I mean to say it is a lifetime commitment.

That is why not a lot of us are “rolling in money” as the saying goes. This is because of the words “persistence,” which is another word for faith if you think about it, and “lifetime commitment.”

The lot of us would rather keep going at the rate that we are going because it’s less strenuous and easier than this “mind thing that does not work.” Even though your entire life is based on the existence and usage of this “mind thing that does not work.”

Because it’s easier for us humans – most of us – to think in negative than it is to think in positive, that’s why, in Bob Proctor’s words in the Secret DvD that can also be found at, “10% of the people in the world hold 90% of all the money that is been made.”

This is the reluctance that kills – mentally, spiritually, and physically – a lot of the people out there.

When that I mean when a new idea comes into our mind, depending on whether it is harmonious or not with our current programming, we either accept it or reject it.

This happens almost immediately, so here comes Musa who tells you that not only can you be a Multi Billionaire but all the bad things that you are currently experiencing in your life, you have attracted.

If you don’t start rolling on the floor, with tears in your eyes, laughing, then you would start spitting on me, cursing me, throwing stones at me and drive nails through my wrists and ankles and crucify me. Or anything in between.

Maybe people ask themselves what their family and friends would say once they find out that they are in to this mind thing.

Just imagine???

So they would rather stay poor, in the broadest sense of the word, than accept in their lives the abundance that is in the Universe/ Life/ God.

Like ask yourself how much time do you put in a day into doing the things that you would need to do, that will one day improve your life from what you are currently experiencing to want you would have be living?

Because you sleep, you travel, you might even work or do school, then you buy groceries or hang out with friends, cook, clean, fetch the kids or siblings, come back home, watch tv, play video/computer games, go out, do overtime at work, do the laundry, read a novel, go to gym…sleep?

How many hours did you say again?

…it’s shocking ne?

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

And then you go to church with the impression that not only does it please God that you are (going to church, that is), but that he will answer you every time you ask for something. [Musa laughs to himself]

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love and believe in more than the being that is known as God/the Universe/Life.

It is because of this Source that I am now blessed with this abundance of wealth I am experiencing and that I am deeply and whole-heartedly grateful for.

You know what…on second thoughts let me leave this for another blog post.

Now where was I?

Oh yes, one can change their mind set from lack to abundance through continual repetition of the images she prefers, since the mind thinks in pictures, that are backed by purpose and a burning desire.

And if this change of mind set is something you really what above all else, then this is the change you will truly experience.

Because if nothing else exist apart from you and your goal, keeping in mind it is this kind of thinking that will give you the things you desire all the time, guaranteed, then it is yours.

“Seek and it shall be given onto you.”

Hence the books, audios, websites, blogs I continue to update and recommend for you.

“It is through enriching others, that you become rich.”

Because I am God’s message.

So I give because God/The Universe/Life is Giving.

And Giving is Love.

Download, from this website, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

– Tshoaele

Earl Nightingale said

Earl Nightingale said “You Become What You Think About,” like you become what you think about.

So you think, and then you become.

Let me say that again:

“You become what you think about”.

So what are thinking about?

“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale.

So take that one idea and, like Swami Vivekananda said

“Take up one idea.

Make that one idea your life –

think of it, dream of it, live in that idea.

Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea & just

leave every other idea alone.

That is the way to success.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Is Your Creativity Making You Rich, Or Keeping You Poor

So here I am repeatedly pouring in to my head thoughts about wealth, prosperity and abundance through listening to audios by motivational speakers like Robert T. Kiyosaki and the likes of Neale Donald Walsch and reading other mindset shifters like Think and Grow Rich and watching inspirational movies like The Secret DVD and stuff, then it hit me.

From all the things that I am learning from and wrapping my head in, 10% of the masses out there use and function at a higher creative imagination faculty than the other 90%, that’s why they [10% of the people in the world] are receiving 90% of all the money that’s being made.

So 10% of the people out there are doing things 90% of the people find uncomfortable doing, hence their level of success that seems to snowball effect, putting them into financial platforms of purchasing bankrupt businesses that are hit hard by the recession, for example.

Like Robert T. Kiyosaki would say the “elite minority” look for problems that they can solve, in the form of a racked apartment for example, which they could look at and see if they could fix it up and put it in a position where it will make money for them.

It’s like, in the financial sense, having a trained mindset of looking for “problems” that make the rich richer as opposed to going out there and looking for “answers” or doing “nothing” about ones poor cashflow management.

So in effect it from me becoming a “genius”, what Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich defined as “a person who has discovered how to increase the vibrations of thought to the point where they can freely communicate with the sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of vibration of thought,” I would benefit financially in proportion to the services I would render to the needy.

Which leads me into thinking about some of us out there who are ignorant.

Ignorance in the sense that they don’t know, that they don’t know.

Ignorance in terms of not understanding that you don’t have to know all the answers, because success comes from surrounding yourself with people who know what you don’t.

Ignorance in terms of understanding that wealth comes sustainably through specific processes and the idea of having a surplus of a million rands in your bank account after just watching The Secret DVD for that first time cannot magically transform your life, relationship wise; financially; health wise; spiritually; and mentally, just like that [Musa snaps his fingers].

The “get rich quick” mentality.

Which is possible mind you, but if the image of money within your subconscious mind has not grown to a point of believing, with absolute knowing, you are worthy of this abundance of finances you are suddenly receiving, you will go back to making the money you were making before.

In the words of Jake Funk: “You cannot make $100 000 a year with a $10 000 head.”

Ignorance in the sense that a lot of people don’t know that as David Schirmer’s wife put it we are spiritual beings, living in a physical body.

Ignorance in terms of how the masses not knowing how to use God or the Universe – what Wallace D. Wattles defines as “the Intelligence Substance from which all things originate from” in his book The Science of Getting Rich – in receiving anything and everything one may want from life.

But what I find ironic is that, it is this 10% of the geniuses in the world that the other 90% are intimidated by to the point of reacting, mostly, in the negative.

Because they use the law of relativity against them by comparing themselves to someone who is better off, instead of being grateful for the riches they have in comparison to those that don’t have: riches in the form of education; the running water; the shelter, food, clothing, electricity and access to the internet, for example

90% looks at the 10% and become aware of what they “lack”, not understanding that we all have the God-given power to create and attract the unlimited abundance that does not exist for the person who competes for everything they want.

A competitor is someone who uses mostly the synthetic imagination part of the mind to kick down the ladder to which she climbed to “success” with.

True success is not feeding a man for a day by giving him a fish, but by teaching him how to fish and feeding him for a lifetime.

Your rise to success must benefit the lot instead of going for the “lone ranger” mentality.

Because it is this lone-ranger mentality that matches the mentality that 90% of the people have, hence the 10% of the money they are making.

That’s why I am persistently filling my subconscious mind – the part of the mind that controls my life, the part that projects to me as my life experiences that which I hold within it – with abundant and wealthy images, pictures & thoughts so to play for the other team.

The team that holds 90% of the all the money that is being made.

”We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents”. – Eric Hoffer.

The above it something I got from the Signpost to freedom, check it out.

PS: I have come to experience that the conscious mind tends to reject new ideas that are not in alignment with your current mindset.

If that new idea is good to you go over it repeatedly, relentlessly and tirelessly.

You do that and permanent change occurs in your head, change that will be reflected and projected back to you in your everyday life experience.

PPS: The Universe or God or Life rewards people who can control their emotions and work on feeling good the majority of the time…food for thought…use it…don’t use it…

– Tshoaele

Mind Over Matter

I got another epiphany [always wanted to use that word] today.

It dawned on me that I wake up every 5 day week to exchange my time for the money that pays for my debts.

Leaving me with nothing in my bank account 2 weeks in, with another 2 weeks to go before my next payday.

I get reminded by this with the mail I receive, the calls that ask about installments that are in arrears, the colleagues that I surround myself with, and the poor management of my finances…well whatever finances is left after the tax, the debt and the expenses have gone through.

It’s like I am happy and grateful the one moment then it seems like someone vacuum cleans my pocket the next, and then I have to go through the same process for the following 30 days.

How adventurous.

So I end up borrowing that last R500 from friends, family and colleagues, that way I am guaranteed that come month end I would be R500 short again. Successfully keeping the cycle of lack alive with me sticking to this single source of income, because that was all I knew.

Above is me focusing on my self image about money.

A self image I will continue to experience if I continue to rant and tell those who are willing to lend an ear about how I “lack” in my finances, even though I exist within a world of unlimited financial abundance.

”With Every Failure There Is Seed Of An Equivalent Success” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

With that established come I find this seed by looking for the value of my temporary state of failure, and changing my focus.

Since I know what I don’t want, come I focus on what I would like to experience. Keeping in mind that I attract in my life what I focus on in thought and feeling.

Day 1

Desire: I bless the day that God has answered my prayers in the form of these additional sources of income He keeps on channeling to me.

Conscious mind: You’re lying. Stop fooling yourself, people will laugh at you.

Subconscious mind: …

Day 2

Desire and Purpose: I am happy and grateful now that I have these additional sources of income that pays off my expenses and elevates me from this shameful existence of lack I am moving out off.

Conscious mind: Stop kidding yourself. You are embarrassing yourself with this kind of talk, and you know it.

Subconscious mind: …

Day 3

Desire and Purpose and Faith: Thank you God for these additional sources of income that you keep on blessing me with. Thank you God for these large sums of money you are bringing into my life so to not only pay off my expenses but to also take care of my family too.

My bank account has never looked so abundant, my lifestyle has never looked so full. I love the way you are continuing to move me from thinking in the negative and into thoughts and feelings of the rich and wealthy.

Conscious mind: Musa where is this wealth you are talking about ‘cause I don’t see it?? Do you?

Subconscious mind: …

Day 4

Desire & Purpose & Faith & Vision: I thank you God, from the bottom of my heart, for these large sums of additional sources of income you continue to bless me with, almost every day, and in ever increasing amounts and from multiple sources.

Thank you God for letting me know, with every fiber of my being, that this abundance of finances is worthy of me and for helping me set up myself in the way of receiving, and owning this sudden financial abundance and being able to keep it for long periods of time.

It is from these additional income sources, which I am so so SO grateful for, that I will continue to pay off my expenses, take care of my family and channel it into investments that will always bring in money from their end as well.

I am so happy, God, now that you continue to move me out of thinking in the negative and into thinking and attracting only the positive hence these riches that are in my possession RIGHT NOW.

Conscious mind: No Musa I am rejecting this. You will continue to think and feel the way you are thinking and feeling right now. There is no way out, and no way that this will change.

Subconscious mind: …

”Nothing changes if nothing changes.” – Unknown

… days, weeks, months go by…

Desire & Purpose & Faith & Vision & Emotion: God, not only does this bring a smile to my face, and fill my heart with so much joy and gratitude that almost makes me cry just by witnessing the riches I currently have.

God, I am so happy and deeply grateful to you God for this abundance of finances that comes straight to me in the form of large sums of additional income sources you continue to bless me with.

It is thanks to you, God, that our fridge is full of groceries to feed the family for a long time.

I feel joy in my heart, the way you have allowed me to buy new clothes and accessories for myself and my family and my girlfriend.

I am so grateful for the wisdom you are blessing me with in finding cash flow rich assets to invest in, and increase these additional income sources so to pay off my expenses and buy me my luxuries and live an abundantly comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you so much my God for moving me from this temporary failure and into the incoming stream of this financial abundance I am submerged in, that is coming into my life for through sustainable channels.

Thank you for making me feel love and rich and abundant in order for me to live a more comfortable life and also allow you to live through me completely.

Thank you for making me an instrument of thy love.

Conscious mind: …

Subconscious mind: Love. Additional sources of income. Joy. Groceries in fridge. Happiness. New clothes and accessories. Gratitude. Cash flow rich assets. Wisdom. Investments. Money. Luxury. Smile. Abundance. Rich. Comfortable life. Appreciation. Freedom.

– Tshoaele

He Said, She Said

She spoke the words, “I must quit ‘doing’ and start ‘being’. We are human beings not human doings

He said, “Success in life is becoming want you want to be, not what other people think you should be. Not who you think what other people want you to be.”

“I surrounded myself with mentors and that has made all the difference in my life,” she said.

He said, “Job Security is a paradox…job…and…security

He said, “The law of attraction is exactly that, a law. So when someone says ‘The law of attraction doesn’t work‘, that person is using the law of attraction to make it not work.”

She said, “There is the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind, and if all three were to be aligned together perfectly, then you would move mountains.”

He said, “What you focus on you will attract.”

She said, “To change focus, ask yourself: What are you doing to make the situation better?”

“Faith comes from hearing some(the same thing)thing over and over and over again,” she replied.

He said, “In order to feel gratitude for what they have, they must use the law of relativity for them and not against them. So instead of looking at what they don’t have relative to someone else who is better than them, they must look at someone who is not better off compared to them.”

He said, “Faith comes from hearing and hearing…and hearing the word.”

She said, “…we are made of the same stuff. With all the same properties and abilities, including the ability to create physical reality out of thin air.”

She said, “…there are no victims in this world, only creators…”

He said, “We are a spiritual being with an intellect and emotions, living in a physical body.”

He said, “It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes knowledge and experience to make money.”

“Invest in yourself,” she said.

“Money is emotion and a thought,” he said.

“Money is energy,” I heard them say.

He said, “Whatever you think is real is your reality.”

“We attract not what we want but who we are,” they whisphered.

“The answers are not outside of you, you have to go within,” she retorted.

His reply was, “No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”

“Be you transformed by the renewing for your mind,” he muttered.

“As a man thinketh in their hearts, so is he,” she cried.

“The mind thinks in pictures and not words,” were her words.

She said, “The subconscious mind is emotion.”

“We are responsible for all of our current results,” she mumbled.

Circumstances are how I create them,” she quoted.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Enrich The Mind

“so long as you entertain the option that there is some one out there doing it to you, you dis empower yourself to do anything about it.”

There is an audio , or part of a set of audios, that I am listening to repeatedly so to fill my mind – particularly my subconscious mind – with thoughts that enrich the mind.

I guess it’s my way of training my brain into focusing on ideas that make me feel good as opposed to those that do not.

I believe, through experience and awareness, that what I focus on, I attract.

So I am guaranteed a life of joy and abundance and wealth, only if I maintain this state of mind that injects into my mind thoughts that are harmonious to my desired life, and rejects all that contradicts it.

This is one of the audios that I start my day with, an audio by Spiritual Messenger Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series.

This is just a portion of the audio that I want to repeat over and over to myself, hence its repetition in this post, so to own and understand the context because I sense that the faster I do that the happier I will become.

“The way to reduce the pain which you associate with earthly experiences and events both yours and those of others, is to change the way you behold them.

You cannot change the outer event that has been created by the lot of you, and you are not grown in your consciousness to alter individually, that which has been created collectively.

So you must change the inner experience…

This is the road to mastery in living.

Nothing is painful in and out of itself.

Pain is a result of wrong thought, it is an error in thinking.

I master can remove even the grievest pain, in that way a master heals.

Pain results from a judgement you have made upon a thing.

Remove the judgment, and the pain disappears…”

– Tshoaele

There Are Multiple Roads To Get To Your Destination

You know it hit me that if you were to change your focus when you encounter what you may at first consider as “lack”[1], and you allow yourself to be on the lookout of other resources that will achieve the same outcome, they appear.

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come…” – Joan Baez

You get disappointed obviously when, for example, you find that you out of bread to make breakfast with in the morning and mom didn’t leave any money to go buy it with.

I realize that most get into the habit of cultivating this feeling of disappointment, well at least I did, by reaffirming them through holding on to this emotions that fear sponsors longer than necessary.

Then disappointment, through continual repetition in thought and word, leads to frustration. Then another image or idea crops up in your mind of how mom is so selfish and uncaring, especially since she knows that I’m broke, you say.

If you keep at it an then this frustration leads to anger.

That’s why I want to leave this place!

She always finds a way to harm me!

The knot in your chest builds up and your breathing becomes heavier.

I hate how she can’t manage her finances!

She’s always going on about how she doesn’t have money but goes on to spend it on unnecessary things!

Then she goes out and begs!

Now I have to carry the whole weight of the family with me, this always happens!


The familiar addictive surge of adrenaline runs through your veins and gives you the illusion of strength or power. You then find that there is no one nearby to use as a human punching bag so you turn to yourself and you hit depression.

…all because you failed to notice the leftover meal from last night in the fridge that you could can warm up instead and quench your hunger with.

It’s your outlook in life, some of us I might add, to lean towards lack and negativity at the slightest excuse, that lead to the train of thought mentioned above.

A train fueled by the coals of fear.

It’s as if you’re on standby, focusing on things to complain about and negative emotions to hold on to so to fulfill your addiction and chosen habit.

As if you have successfully set your mind into reacting in the negative when you have encountered temporary defeat.

Keeping in mind that this way of thinking did not happen over night, the way you are thinking now – in the negative more than you do in the positive, is a conditioning that did not happen overnight.

It was through continual repetition of thoughts of fear that your mind is set that way, and the only way to remedy to through persistent repetition of its exact opposite.

That being faith.

Faith, also known as absolute confidence.

Which would need just as much commitment and persistent repetition in experiencing its “hold over you” just as much as you allowed thought of fear to establish squatter camps in the rich garden of your mind.

“We can’t change the cards we are dealt with, just how we play the hand.” – Randy Pausch

So when that card is dealt, ask yourself what are you doing to help make the situation better.


[1] If you believe in the statement, “life is what you make it” see the abundance instead of the lack in all your life encounters. Now that’s true freedom…

– Tshoaele

I See You’re Down…

There’s this song that came rushing back in my mind after listening to a track by one of my favorite hip hop bands, The Roots, but this song was sang by Amel Larrieux if I’m not mistaken.

The chorus went:

“I know you’re down…
But when are you gonna get up?…
I see you’re down…
But when you gonna get up?

And that’s as much as I remember, thought that’s deep hence this update 😉

– Tshoaele