Absolute Confidence and Breakfast

You know it hit me that if you were to change your focus when you encounter what you may consider as “lack”[1], and you allow yourself to be on the lookout of other resources that will achieve the same outcome, they appear.

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come…” – Joan Baez

You get disappointed obviously when, for example, you find that you out of bread to make breakfast with in the morning and mom didn’t leave any money to go buy it with.

I realise that most get into the habit of cultivating this disappointment, well at least I did, by reaffirming them through holding on to this emotion of fear longer than necessary.

Then disappointment, through continual repetition, leads to frustration. Then another image or idea crops up in your mind of how mom is so selfish and uncaring, especially since she knows that I’m broke, you say.

If you keep at it an then this frustration leads to anger.

That’s why I want to leave this place, you say.

She always finds a way to harm me!

The knot in your chest builds up and your breathing becomes heavier.

I hate how she can’t manage her finances!

She’s always going on about how she doesn’t have money but goes on to spend it on unnecessary things!

Then she goes out and begs!

Now I have to carry the whole weight of the family with me, this always happens!

The familiar addictive surge of adrenaline runs through your veins and gives you the illusion of strength or power. You then find that there is noone nearby to use as a human punching bag so you turn to yourself and you hit depression.

…all because you failed to notice the leftover meal from last night in the fridge that you can warm up and quench your hunger with.

It’s you outlook in life is to lean towards lack and negativity at the slightest excuse, that lead to the train of thought mentioned above.

A train fueled by the coals of fear.

It’s as if you’re on standby, focusing on things to complain about and negative emotions to hold on to so to fulfill your addiction and chosen habit.

As if you have successfully set your mind into reacting in the negative when you have encountered temporary defeat.

Keeping in mind that this way of thinking did not happen over night.

It was through continual repetition of fear that your mind is set that way, and the only way to remedy to through persistent repetition of its exact opposite.

That being faith.

Faith, also known as absolute confidence.

Which would need just as much commitment and persistent repetition in experiencing its “hold over you” just as much as you allowed thought of fear to establish squatter camps in the rich garden of your mind.

“We can’t change the cards we are dealt with, just how we play the hand.” – Randy Pausch

So when that card is dealt, ask yourself what are you doing to help make the situation better.


[1] If you believe in the statement, “life is what you make it” see the abundance instead of the lack in all your life encounters. Now that’s true freedom…

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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