Your Self Image Influences Your Experiences Of Life.

I think it comes down to how much you love & respect yourself.

I say this because you have that, and you won’t doubt your efficiency, and your ability to do well in all things you put your mind into.

Your doubt leads to worry(1).

You then live in a state of anticipation.

A state of “what ifs.”

Always being on the edge because you fear the unknown which was given birth by a feeling of doubt.

While you are vibrating in a frequency of anxiety, you focus on one of the emotions that sprouts out of fear and the feedback you would get from your state of vibration would be circumstances, experiences and people that harmonies with your frequency.

Like what Shelby Collinge mentioned in one of her audio recordings that I have downloaded, in an example where she said if you were to think of yourself as a radio.

You tune in to a jazz radio station, what would you hear?

You would hear jazz coming out of the radio. You don’t tune in to a radio station that plays strictly jazz music and expect to hear rock music.

What you give, consciously or unconsciously, you get.

So think of the damage that a person would be doing to herself and those around them if they have a low self esteem about themselves?

You keep on beating yourself down by constantly grilling into your subconscious that “you are not worth it, because of x, y, z….”

If that’s the radio station you are tuned into, that is what you will experience as “proof” of your constant self suggestion or auto suggestion.

In this case being an experience of self pity.

I mean if a person’s self image is not focused on abundance – through constant feelings of love, gratitude and self confidence to name a few – why is it that she wonders why is she appears to receiving all this crap in her life?

Through relentless talk-to-self of doubt and focusing on all the things you don’t like(2), you will keep on receiving that which you preach as your life experiences.

Now think of the possibility of what would happen if you were to use this constant self talk to your advantage?

This is a lifetime journey that some fear to take due to them being comfortable with their discomfort, a spitefully reality about how people live their everyday lives that many do not want to accept.

Please take note that I said “lifetime journey” because a lifetime of condition and mindset does not change overnight.

So get that “quick fix” or “get rich quick” mentality out of your head completely.

Now as to how you do that, well read information related to wealth, fortune, success, and abundance.

As opposed to filling your head about with crap that won’t benefit your self development in anyway.

Like how many hours to you spend a daily wasting time – your most valuable asset – as opposed to contributing to finding ways of taking the next step towards accomplishing your dreams and goals(4)?

Honestly. Take a moment and think about that…

“how many hours a day do you dedicate towards your personal development?”

  1. “Worry is a prayer of what you do not want”a quote by Mindset Expert Shelby Collinge.
  2. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you have successfully stomped it out of your life.

    The subconscious(3) thinks in pictures.

    So you let’s say you’re late and you retort by saying: “Dammit, I’m late! And I don’t want to be stuck in traffic.”

    Guess what image would be sent straight into your subconscious?

    An image of you stuck in traffic.

  3. It has been said that whatever manages get sent straight into the subconscious mind, is what will manifest into the physical realm
  4. This is what research showed about Dreams and Goals that are committed to paper.

Here’s a book I would recommend you get as a gift to yourself which you must read over and over and over again – be it from the library or from a friend or from your bookstore – until you see change in the world around you, because it is would have been You that has changed:

I will post for you a series of self analysis questions that if taken seriously and time was taken in answering them, you will find out things about yourself that might even shock you.


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