Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

The sex articles and the sex tips (usually accompanied with animated pix) keep me coming for more…pun intended.

Then just as I was about chuck away the April 2008 edition of Cosmopolitan, after getting what I wanted from the mag – in preparation for my next meeting with my girl, I came across an interesting “Body & Soul: Mind Health – Happy Thoughts” section (page 164) by Lisa Witepski.

After scanning her articles I came to see that we share the same sentiments [that being on the personal development side since I doubt that we do, sexually I mean].

But enough sex talk let me share with you what she wrote:

“It’s annoying but true that sometimes when you’re trying to avoid thinking about something it repeatedly pops into your head.

While it’s almost impossible to stop unwanted thoughts, you can become more skilled at guiding your thinking, says Johannesburg life coach Kirsten Long of Coach4Life.

These exercises may help:
• ‘Increase your awareness of internal thoughts by stopping what you’re doing from time to time and asking yourself whether your thoughts at that moment were positive thoughts that add value to your life, or whether they were depleting your energy,’ says Long.

• Imagine your brain is a computer: every time a negative thought enters your mind, picture yourself highlighting that thought and then pressing delete. ‘You will find unwanted thoughts come up less frequently,’ she says.

• Your head is seldom empty of thought, so you’ll have to replace the negative thoughts with something else, says Long. ‘For example, replace “should” thoughts, such as “I should phone my mom”, with positive mental comments, such as “It’s great that I spent quality time with my parents last week.”’

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