The Pursuit Of Happiness

I try my best to deliver to you, the reader, images of wealth, abundance, love, joy, hope and faith even though I – at the time – I might not be feeling so…”God-like.”

Then again I might be telling you this and reminding you of how magnificent and awesome you are so to remind myself also and being able to carry such beliefs within me, everywhere I go.

The statement “give what you would like to receive” comes to mind.

I guess that’s what priests do at the altar, not only are they preaching to the masses but they are preaching to themselves as well.

With LOVE being the most powerful gift you could give to the next person, a gift you would then be indirectly giving to yourself too.

It is through this blog that God speaks Truth to you, with you, through me.

Truth I must fall back on once I realize that I am on the wrong track or when I am not in a feel-good mood (not forgetting that when I’m in this mood all I can give to the next person is the mood equal to the one I am currently in).

Truth I must continue to promote like how It’s A Matter Of Choice, Always.

Truth about The Magnificent Power Of Gratitude.

“Thank you God for helping me understand that this problem has already been solved.”

I remember even writing about how having purpose in your life – How Bad Do You Want It – could make Presidents out of the poor.

We were brought into this world to give, and giving feels so good you could do it all day.

Be it with literature (i.e. Letters To A Friend) , music, art, architecture, intellectual contributions and creation, or through the power of healing…LOVE Manifested.

Because LOVE is everything.

Even though the mediocre might hate you for it.

Yet you love them even more because to do otherwise would just call upon harm to yourself.

But you are above that, you’re above that.

With your knowledge you know that you can never be a victim because all the harm you experienced was brought into existence and drawn to you by your own hand.

You, Master Creator.

Creations you sculpt with your thoughts and words because what you think and say so shall it be so.

And it is these tools, thought and word, that we must use to draw us closer to the Source Supply, in order for us to inherit the Kingdom and be given all and more.

A process which people the likes of Neale Donald Walsh call ReCreation.

I will thus continue to feed you and Give You Truth the best where I know how so that you can do likewise to the next person, all the while being closer to the Supreme Divine because you are following your passion.

I thank you for allowing me to heal through this expression of love I have, hopefully, planted in your heart.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– Tshoaele

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