Letter To A Friend – II Edition

Dear Friend,

I continue to display my love for you with yet another letter to you.

Remembering you, and reminding you of your abundance, beauty and wealth in abundance.

Wealth in all forms friend, I am not talking about the one you expect in your bank account.

An account now in the red feeding of your limited thinking, an illusion I will continue to look out for for you, just as I did in my letter prior to this one.

Stretch your soul friend.

When the air hits those moist spots that don’t see much of the sun, you will shiver.

You will flinch when you come in to contact with that which makes you react through experience, especially since this very experience in question is new to you.

Do not head for the hills or cower away or turn and give up when the tongue of success lick against your skin.

You will either have to go through or go around or go under or climb over the wall you have come in to contact with, and you will find the balls to do this through your faith.

[You need to overcome, friend, for your success lies on the another side.]

Faith is produced through gratitude, so by praying and thanking the Abundant Supply for all the strength, the perseverance, the will power and pit bull persistence it is giving you in moving, everyday of your life, that one step closer to your dream-yet-still-to-manifest and burning desire you lose sleep over…


…so to elevate yourself from the negative, the bad, the not-worthy-statement-about-yous, it is then that you equip yourself with the tools and machinery necessary to drill through self constructed walls of temporary failure.

Every attempt you sum up might appear as a drop in the ocean, yet sends tremors to unknown parts below.

Tremors needed to cause the sea to part, making a pathway, a system that will connect you to your peace.

Yes, after all this hustling over there in the horizon of your inner self lies your peace, where you rest and drop off all your antagonistic connotations and unworthy manifestations inside the fading image of your former self.

Because now you have found the God that is you.

The God forever in you, that continues to long for recognition to the dismay of your former self hence the internal conflict that spills over in the form of frustration, depression, sadness, etc.

You can never truly be happy not unless you set yourself free from…yourself.

Yours persistently in love,


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