How To Enhance The Power Of Association

Fill your life with more of the things you want to see more in your life.

Things you want to become.

Fill your mind with pictures, images, words, grammar, vocabulary that you want to associate yourself with.

Talk about it; imagine – continuously – how life would be like living life as the person you want to become.

The persistence in this exercise generates faith in your ability to recreate the image of yourself into that you are becoming.

And faith is where the money is.

Faith draws you closer to your desired goal, faster.

So your mission is to closely align yourself with things you want to see in yourself.

Be it books, seminars, people, movies, audio, visuals, words, experiences, thinking patterns.

And weed out all that which does not define Who You Are…be it books, seminars, people, movies, audio, visuals, words, experiences, thinking patterns.

I don’t care how much you hold in me as a friend or a loved one but if your thinking contradicts my pursuit of wealth (financially and/or physically and/or spiritually and/or mentally) I will simply cut you out of my life.

I don’t ride with losers, especially those addicted to illusions of a lack-filled mentally that causes so much hurt and pain to herself and those around her.

And I refuse to be within your line of fire.

It would then be harder for my environment to influence me, but easier for me to influence my environment.

I cannot enrich the “poor” through regressive hand outs, the same hand outs that would be expected from me tomorrow and the day after that.

I would rather teach the poor to fish through creative means that way nabo bazo bona kuthi life is not a world of lack.

And all that I might want, I must just create…

…through gratitude…

…and gratitude produces faith…

And this I repeatedly tell her in vain.

Only if she would just listen.

And you can’t hear whatever Truth I tell, if you don’t stop tell yourself the lies you have exclusively programmed yourself to hear.

It’s like allowing yourself to tune in to a different frequency especially since the one you are currently in is so painful, so depressing, so frustrating, and so sad.

Emotions that contradict your being – who You Really Are – and thus you fight against it, only to observe these emotions fight back as is if asking you “why shouldn’t you feel this way? Can’t you see the world around you??”

“World around you” being the frequency you are in.

An error hence the static.


“How can I tell myself a lie?”

To which I reply “See, that’s where the error is.”

What you have grown to believe to be the truth are the very foundations that have led to such storms of fear that cause blizzards of so much negativity, it feeds off itself and builds up to a lifestyle you have come to believe as your “reality”.

“As if saying this is how life is, and there is nothing you can do about.”

And that’s false.

Which brings us back to the reason for this post.

Associating yourself with things that would reflect the person You Are, will greatly remedy this temporary illusion of scarcity.

I say this because you have to BE the person that can DO the things you long for in order to HAVE that which you desire.

So I repeat Becoming should be the first step to all success.

And this is done through association.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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