Letter To A Friend – I Edition

Dearest Friend.

I look at you, and I see this man of such Power, such Inner Strength, and Inner Force that would challenge an ocean storm.

The energy I see – with my 3rd eye – swirling around you like multiple tentacles attached to this source energy is so magnificent, it covers a whole stadium.

You are a magic wand that calls forth any and all desires the mind could think off or wish upon itself, at any given moment.

You have the world at your command.

Yet at the same time you find any reasons to fight against and reject this truth…

You fight with so much passion…

You fight it with such authority.

Denying, with every fiber of your being, what the soul knows against what you have been thought to believe!

To believe in a lie that states that you exist within a limited universe.

Where once you have taken all that the universe has to offer to you and you have exhausted your supply, you will be left with lack.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Where once you have reached this cul-de-sac and it is you against the earth’s crust and you cannot go any further, you start to hurt, because you believe in this illusion.

You pain.

You cry.

You turn and radiate negativity that you throw out into the world only to receive it back in the form of experiences and circumstances.

Because that is what life is, you say…

A world of limitation.

Your sadness turns into anger and that anger concertizes into bile when you see images of success, images of wealth, and images of freedom drive by on the streets.

Or when they walk by in the shopping malls or seen on TV.


How can the have what I cannot?

How can they live a life that I am working so hard for, but will never achieve?

Where am I falling short?

My prayers are not answered!

I cannot wait until He decides to answer I want change now!

There is no GOD!

Why am I going through so much struggle?

What’s the point of trying it’s not going to work anyway.

That will never work, look where it left [so and so].

I give up.

I don’t know what to do.

I live a poor life…etc.

Friend, I threw you a rope to grab on to so to escape from the well you are digging for yourself into yet you decide to hang yourself with it.

Friend I spoke to you words that will have led you to the truth but you shut your ears with the war drums of poverty.

Drums that want nothing to do with the idea that you are a volcano of abundant financial wealth waiting to erupt, because such good is not worthy of you.

“Wake up and live in the real world because you are living in a dream,” you tell me.

Better a dream than a nightmare, friend.

Then I ask myself, if you want me to look at the world with the same eyes you mind sees then how then, can I begin to even entertain the idea of the wealth?

Something that is rejected by your mind, regardless of the different forms it comes in.

But you know what friend?

When I look at you, I see abundance.

You on the other hand see yourself and come face to face with limitation.

I have to say friend, you have taught the mind well.

I mean to reject anything beyond your comfort zone of ukushodelwa nokungalungi takes some persistence and discipline and lastly innovation.

Friend I salute you.

You have mastered living a life of pain and anguish, always blaming others for your flawed, yet acceptable, creations.

I thank God for forgiving you and the sins you have passed on to others through these actions, actions motivated by a thought of fear.

Such attempts at casting off the bad, friend, are under developed.

What I mean is that you are playing for the wrong side friend.

And your soul, the very soul you continue to whip with all the strength you can master, will continue to be tortured because it knows the truth friend.

The truth it will continue to vocalize regardless of the torn flesh of its back from the abuse you keep unleash due to its defiance.

How dare the soul defy your law of fear that governs your very being when it is blinded by love?

You are becoming friend.

For me so say you disappoint me friend, would mean I am disappointed in myself.

And there is no way I will allow myself to think as you think and call upon such harm as you do into existence.

Haven’t you caused enough damage already to not only yourself, friend, but to the people around you?

Those you hold dear too?

You need to change your thinking friend.

What I mean by this is that you must create rather than compete.

Change your mind from being a competitor to a mind that creates.

Friend, because a mind that competes will allows run out, yet one that is creative creates new resources to live off.

Friend I am talking about a life of abundance.

You don’t believe in one then go back to your world of hurt, recurring.

Yours spitefully,

M. Tshoaele

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