I Have Arrived

Yonk’into ihlala ilunga, ukuthi kwamele sibekezele kuze kube njalo.

It’s like taking a seat at the train station and waiting for your train to arrive.

Having to sit it out, seeing people boarding and getting off their respective train wondering why don’t you do the same and opt for second best.

And yet you sit it out, humbled, radiating inner peace and joy of the thought of getting in the train that would take you straight home.

The train that will take you to your longed for destination, your burning desire.

And then having to hear yourself say “I Have Arrived.

And so you sit.

Dazzling others by your discipline and magnificence, even though they might try to inject you with doubt.

Doubt that only strengthens your belief.

As this display of envy only confirms to you that it’s coming sooner than you expected.

And this every notion upsets them because you will leave them with a sense of inner dissatisfaction and the illusion of lack.

So you smile.

Because all is well…all is well.

And just then you hear it pull in.

And you jump in.

It’s your turn to wave goodbye now because you have arrived.

Your patience and your belief and your faith in yourself and abilities has made you King.

You always win regardless of results.

Failure is but only a nudge from the Formless of how close you are to Success.

So don’t let anger and frustration cloud your line of sight, but rather wake up see…and see that you have arrived and all is well.

So you smile.

As you sit waiting, mumbling to yourself, “I Have Arrived.”

Because the Truth is: All Is Well.

– Tshoaele

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