Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

The sex articles and the sex tips (usually accompanied with animated pix) keep me coming for more…pun intended.

Then just as I was about chuck away the April 2008 edition of Cosmopolitan, after getting what I wanted from the mag – in preparation for my next meeting with my girl, I came across an interesting “Body & Soul: Mind Health – Happy Thoughts” section (page 164) by Lisa Witepski.

After scanning her articles I came to see that we share the same sentiments [that being on the personal development side since I doubt that we do, sexually I mean].

But enough sex talk let me share with you what she wrote:

“It’s annoying but true that sometimes when you’re trying to avoid thinking about something it repeatedly pops into your head.

While it’s almost impossible to stop unwanted thoughts, you can become more skilled at guiding your thinking, says Johannesburg life coach Kirsten Long of Coach4Life.

These exercises may help:
• ‘Increase your awareness of internal thoughts by stopping what you’re doing from time to time and asking yourself whether your thoughts at that moment were positive thoughts that add value to your life, or whether they were depleting your energy,’ says Long.

• Imagine your brain is a computer: every time a negative thought enters your mind, picture yourself highlighting that thought and then pressing delete. ‘You will find unwanted thoughts come up less frequently,’ she says.

• Your head is seldom empty of thought, so you’ll have to replace the negative thoughts with something else, says Long. ‘For example, replace “should” thoughts, such as “I should phone my mom”, with positive mental comments, such as “It’s great that I spent quality time with my parents last week.”’

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Work On Changing Your Inner World First

It all starts with you.

When you look up and witness a world that you would rather not have to live through and experience, go inside yourself and change from within.

If you want to receive love from the world, then love yourself first so that you can give others the love that you Are, which will in turn be returned back to you.

If you want to receive happiness in your world find something to hold on to that makes you happy and give happiness to yourself 1st.

You will then find yourself giving others the happiness you are filled with, which in turn will be returned back to you.

If you want to witness more money in your world, simply give it. You would find yourself attracting opportunities that would bring in more money than that you gave out.

It all starts with you.

Because changing the world outside of you, usually this is you trying to change other people, is like weed out the problem at branch level and not at root level – the “root” that you are.

Like the saying goes: “The Way You See The Problem, Is The Problem.”

Change how you react/respond to life. You would then be changing your circumstances.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can hurt you without your consent.”

update: so practice, practice, practice, practice giving to yourself – done through the thought of love to each and every cell in your body played out through visualization – and spontaneously giving with the mental email of love, health and prosperity to the Universe, telling that you have more than enough.

Even smirked about it – 😉 – but do it and practice, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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How I Spend My Days

These past couple of days I have been getting in the habit of giving.

It’s like a gesture of love in the form of personal growth.

Because the way I see it what I promote I will get back in return, multiplied.

So what I am actually doing is contributing to my own growth as well.

So I find myself being addicted and being enthusiastic about who I am going to show God’s love to by attempting to add value in their lives, in order for them to feel God in their soul – be it temporarily or for longer periods.

As if unconsciously saying “Out of all that which you are experiencing, God is with you. Waiting for you to call on Him for help.”

“Thank You God For Helping Me Understand That This Problem Has Already Been Solved.”

Calling on Him not through a prayer of want – ’cause you are just re-affirming the lack of it – but through a prayer of thanksgiving.

Thanking God for what “is not there” because you have the unwavering faith of BELIEVING that is there, because He said it is!

It is this ability to give that has allowed me to, at work, try to “Seek opportunities to change the atmosphere without commenting on the problems” as mentioned in a Rev. TD Jakes post I wrote a while back.

To do otherwise would be choosing to be reactive and allowing myself to be tossed around from circumstance to circumstance and having to falsely believe that life is in charge of my life and I have no say in the matter.

Reactive ways of thinking would eventually lead to a reactive lifestyle, a way of life that strips me of the power to dictate how I want to experience life because “I am not in charge,” ’cause “Life, or God, is.”

“Act Upon Or Be Acted Upon.”

So be proactive in seeking Truth that will allow you to experience the abundance that exists in this very world we live in.

This can be done through the lessons that life teaches us, through the people we meet, through the books we read even by listening.

Listening to the voice within.

Meditation might not be for you, but it is through your quest for Truth that you will eventually come to terms that you need not go any further than your self to find God/Universe, so the faster you get used to the idea, the better!

Not only are you a gift to the world, but you are a gift to yourself too.

So begin by loving yourself, praising your accomplishments and achievements, so that you can love the next person, so that she can show love – “love” is used here as a verb not a feeling – to the next person.

Domino effect.

Because you are relentless in discovering yourself through others.

A “You” you would wish to experience more in life.

Uhm…what else…

Oh ja I’m currently reading a book by Stephen R. Covey I recommend you get a copy be it at your local bookstore, family or friend or by bribing someone, but if all fails Amazon.com can organize one for you.

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6 Ways On How To Work In Any Environment By Rev. T.D. Jakes

  1. Don’t expect to be appreciated. Your only expectation should be to get a paycheck. Don’t come to work to have personal relationships. Don’t allow what you do to affect who you are.
  2. Do your job well, but remember your mission. God put you there to be a Light.
  3. Seek opportunities to change the atmosphere without commenting on the problems. You have a God to talk to. You are on an assignment. Quietness and competence shall be your strength.
  4. Don’t let your environment get inside of you. You should influence it, not let it influence you. Stop going to work to be fed. You didn’t come to receive, you came to give.
  5. Increase your capacity to work with different personalities. God will often bless you through people you don’t even like!
  6. Remember, where you are does not define where you are going. This will deliver you from frustration. God has a plan for your life. Keep your eye on the prize. When Peter did this, he was able to walk in what other people sank in!

The above was taken from an email that was circulating and thought would also be of benefit to you as it is to me.

Do not allowing anything outside of you diminish the Greatness that is YOU.

“How To Work In Any Environment” By TD Jakes, author of the Soul Lifting Maximize the Moment: God’s Action Plan For Your Life

© Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

I try my best to deliver to you, the reader, images of wealth, abundance, love, joy, hope and faith even though I – at the time – I might not be feeling so…”God-like.”

Then again I might be telling you this and reminding you of how magnificent and awesome you are so to remind myself also and being able to carry such beliefs within me, everywhere I go.

The statement “give what you would like to receive” comes to mind.

I guess that’s what priests do at the altar, not only are they preaching to the masses but they are preaching to themselves as well.

With LOVE being the most powerful gift you could give to the next person, a gift you would then be indirectly giving to yourself too.

It is through this blog that God speaks Truth to you, with you, through me.

Truth I must fall back on once I realize that I am on the wrong track or when I am not in a feel-good mood (not forgetting that when I’m in this mood all I can give to the next person is the mood equal to the one I am currently in).

Truth I must continue to promote like how It’s A Matter Of Choice, Always.

Truth about The Magnificent Power Of Gratitude.

“Thank you God for helping me understand that this problem has already been solved.”

I remember even writing about how having purpose in your life – How Bad Do You Want It – could make Presidents out of the poor.

We were brought into this world to give, and giving feels so good you could do it all day.

Be it with literature (i.e. Letters To A Friend) , music, art, architecture, intellectual contributions and creation, or through the power of healing…LOVE Manifested.

Because LOVE is everything.

Even though the mediocre might hate you for it.

Yet you love them even more because to do otherwise would just call upon harm to yourself.

But you are above that, you’re above that.

With your knowledge you know that you can never be a victim because all the harm you experienced was brought into existence and drawn to you by your own hand.

You, Master Creator.

Creations you sculpt with your thoughts and words because what you think and say so shall it be so.

And it is these tools, thought and word, that we must use to draw us closer to the Source Supply, in order for us to inherit the Kingdom and be given all and more.

A process which people the likes of Neale Donald Walsh call ReCreation.

I will thus continue to feed you and Give You Truth the best where I know how so that you can do likewise to the next person, all the while being closer to the Supreme Divine because you are following your passion.

I thank you for allowing me to heal through this expression of love I have, hopefully, planted in your heart.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– Tshoaele

I Don’t Understand Why I Shouldn’t Make Mistakes

I should take the time to take an objective look at my daily activities and way of life, to see whether I am slowly but surely gaining momentum heading towards my desired lifestyle, or running on a treadmill.

There is a force inside of me.

It’s as if it’s alive feeding off every new experience I encounter as if having this one single purpose of seeing how far I could stretch once I’ve reached my limits.

Like a barbaric savage entity throwing tantrums once it realizes that I refuse to use the God given creativity to grow and develop and become more.

And I also become more through experience.

I become “experienced” through not only making mistakes, because I can make the same mistake over and over again without benefiting from it, but through learning from these mistakes.

I must then convert this feeling of disappointment or this feeling of being upset into a signal that I should take notice of the lesson I must take from my mistake.

For if I don’t I would be like a mouse running my butt off on a treadmill to no where.

– Tshoaele

Letter To A Friend – II Edition

Dear Friend,

I continue to display my love for you with yet another letter to you.

Remembering you, and reminding you of your abundance, beauty and wealth in abundance.

Wealth in all forms friend, I am not talking about the one you expect in your bank account.

An account now in the red feeding of your limited thinking, an illusion I will continue to look out for for you, just as I did in my letter prior to this one.

Stretch your soul friend.

When the air hits those moist spots that don’t see much of the sun, you will shiver.

You will flinch when you come in to contact with that which makes you react through experience, especially since this very experience in question is new to you.

Do not head for the hills or cower away or turn and give up when the tongue of success lick against your skin.

You will either have to go through or go around or go under or climb over the wall you have come in to contact with, and you will find the balls to do this through your faith.

[You need to overcome, friend, for your success lies on the another side.]

Faith is produced through gratitude, so by praying and thanking the Abundant Supply for all the strength, the perseverance, the will power and pit bull persistence it is giving you in moving, everyday of your life, that one step closer to your dream-yet-still-to-manifest and burning desire you lose sleep over…


…so to elevate yourself from the negative, the bad, the not-worthy-statement-about-yous, it is then that you equip yourself with the tools and machinery necessary to drill through self constructed walls of temporary failure.

Every attempt you sum up might appear as a drop in the ocean, yet sends tremors to unknown parts below.

Tremors needed to cause the sea to part, making a pathway, a system that will connect you to your peace.

Yes, after all this hustling over there in the horizon of your inner self lies your peace, where you rest and drop off all your antagonistic connotations and unworthy manifestations inside the fading image of your former self.

Because now you have found the God that is you.

The God forever in you, that continues to long for recognition to the dismay of your former self hence the internal conflict that spills over in the form of frustration, depression, sadness, etc.

You can never truly be happy not unless you set yourself free from…yourself.

Yours persistently in love,


How To Enhance The Power Of Association

Fill your life with more of the things you want to see more in your life.

Things you want to become.

Fill your mind with pictures, images, words, grammar, vocabulary that you want to associate yourself with.

Talk about it; imagine – continuously – how life would be like living life as the person you want to become.

The persistence in this exercise generates faith in your ability to recreate the image of yourself into that you are becoming.

And faith is where the money is.

Faith draws you closer to your desired goal, faster.

So your mission is to closely align yourself with things you want to see in yourself.

Be it books, seminars, people, movies, audio, visuals, words, experiences, thinking patterns.

And weed out all that which does not define Who You Are…be it books, seminars, people, movies, audio, visuals, words, experiences, thinking patterns.

I don’t care how much you hold in me as a friend or a loved one but if your thinking contradicts my pursuit of wealth (financially and/or physically and/or spiritually and/or mentally) I will simply cut you out of my life.

I don’t ride with losers, especially those addicted to illusions of a lack-filled mentally that causes so much hurt and pain to herself and those around her.

And I refuse to be within your line of fire.

It would then be harder for my environment to influence me, but easier for me to influence my environment.

I cannot enrich the “poor” through regressive hand outs, the same hand outs that would be expected from me tomorrow and the day after that.

I would rather teach the poor to fish through creative means that way nabo bazo bona kuthi life is not a world of lack.

And all that I might want, I must just create…

…through gratitude…

…and gratitude produces faith…

And this I repeatedly tell her in vain.

Only if she would just listen.

And you can’t hear whatever Truth I tell, if you don’t stop tell yourself the lies you have exclusively programmed yourself to hear.

It’s like allowing yourself to tune in to a different frequency especially since the one you are currently in is so painful, so depressing, so frustrating, and so sad.

Emotions that contradict your being – who You Really Are – and thus you fight against it, only to observe these emotions fight back as is if asking you “why shouldn’t you feel this way? Can’t you see the world around you??”

“World around you” being the frequency you are in.

An error hence the static.


“How can I tell myself a lie?”

To which I reply “See, that’s where the error is.”

What you have grown to believe to be the truth are the very foundations that have led to such storms of fear that cause blizzards of so much negativity, it feeds off itself and builds up to a lifestyle you have come to believe as your “reality”.

“As if saying this is how life is, and there is nothing you can do about.”

And that’s false.

Which brings us back to the reason for this post.

Associating yourself with things that would reflect the person You Are, will greatly remedy this temporary illusion of scarcity.

I say this because you have to BE the person that can DO the things you long for in order to HAVE that which you desire.

So I repeat Becoming should be the first step to all success.

And this is done through association.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele