ReCreation III

In ReCreation part 2 I wrote, in layman’s terms, that I receive what I promote.

I receive, in the form of circumstances and experiences, that which I have created relative to the dominate images I hold in my head and my dominate feelings.

Feelings which I referred to as my vibration.

“A human transmitting tower that sends out a frequency which bounces back as circumstances and experiences.”

It is this feedback I receive that is in fact Me in a different light.

As if I am sitting back watching and experiencing myself from a different perceptive.

That is why it is improper to be pissed off or angered about what so and so is doing to me, because I am just experiencing a different side of myself.

I am not saying that I should refrain from getting ticked off by a taxpayer I am assisting, who is trying to undermine my intelligence.

I should and I must…but I must take a moment, breath [what I call Releasing] and realize that I must get my hands dirty and Influence and ReCreate my experience of myself.

Because this is “Musa” in another form.

Albeit a disrespectful version of myself, worthy of a lashing, it is still me.

“every thing is energy” I was reminded.

So wrapping all of my actions with a fabric of love, guarantees me a high and lucrative return on my investments.

In the form of people, circumstances, and experiences that will echo the love I am promoting, keeping my in this cycle of abundance and joy and happiness.

…because I call the shots.

– Musa23

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