Recreation II

I was thinking that for there to be a frequency, there must be a vibration.

It is this frequency being transmitted by the Source, that returns back to you [the Source] multiplied.

So in essence, the Source can actually “predict” the future through the vibration it is in.

“do unto others, what you would like to be done unto you”

If the above is true, do you see how we create our life experiences through the vibration, feelings, we are in.

And your feelings will tell you immediately what type of thoughts you are thinking.

“…I think of myself as a magnet, and I know that a magnet will attract to it” – John Assaraf

The Source can depict what vibration it is in, with or without external influences.

I tend to allow my environment to influence me and then falsely believing that I am not in total control of my life.

Since external forces are the ones responsible for throwing me in whatever direction they want.

But after taking a moment and beginning to become conscious of the things I do and say and believe, I begin to see that I am not the puppet but the puppeteer.

Because it is these thoughts and actions and feelings that I “throw out” into the world, that boomerang back in the form of circumstances and experiences, related to the vibration I am in.

Be it a vibration of fear or a vibration of love, or anything between.

Who’s truly calling the shots?

– Musa23

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