How To Differentiate A Friend From Your Worst Enemy


I have, more like had, a friend who thrived on competing for almost everything he wanted from life.

“Life…Universe…God…same thing.”

He even read books about how one must “fight” for whatever he wants.

Survival of the fittest, be it mentally or physically.

He expects so much from his environment.

What I mean by this is that he wants his environment to give to him.

An open invitation for his environment to influence…him.

Always wanting to be the receiver, something which is out of sync with his core design as a Giver.

If you think about it, that’s a whole new perspective of looking at the world…

Like, instead of you expecting others to contribute to you growth or influence you, why don’t you do the influencing?

‘Cause if you think about expecting others to give to you is in actually making a statement that you lack that which you are expecting.

“Just like asking for something in a prayer to God, for example, shows your lack of it.”

“Where as giving a prayer of thanksgiving prior its physical attainment produces maximum results.”

Your actions are continuously screaming out what your dominate thoughts are entertaining.

Which in this case are thoughts of lack.

It’s an unconscious reaction of limitation that one becomes victim to.

As to why?

Well I could make assumptions such as maybe picking such personality traits from people you admire and mimic through thought and action.

But honestly and personally, I don’t know why we do that….ok maybe I do but that’s another post and I’m deviating from this one so let’s make a U-turn.

But anyways here I am thinking that this guy [“friend”] is motivated by fear because he keeps on competing for change.

He lacks it, and continues to remind himself and reaffirm it through believing in lack symbolised by the physical objects around him, or the “lack of them”.

What I have come to term as “Appearance.”

A question I want to throw at you: How do you know that you are broke?

  • Is it from numbers of your bank balance?
  • Would you know you broke from the empty bread bin with hungry mouths to feed, yours included?
  • You know you broke from begging for money from people?
  • Or is it from the worn out clothes or footwear that have been to more trips to the repairman than you would like?

I mean all the above is “true”…because you believe it.

You don’t have anything else to tell you otherwise right?

I mean if you broke, you broke there is no two ways about…

But then again if you think and feel broke, mentioning it every chance you get, I mean…wouldn’t all you see be anything and everything but lack?

Or things that suggest it.

So in fact you have just successfully managed, with flying colours, to get yourself trapped in a net of your consistent and persistent design of “the lack of.”

If you believe in something it tends to become true.

ESPECIALLY if you continue to do through the company you keep.

“So how you are going to pay for your next instalment?”

“You should have never have bought that.”

“Don’t kid yourself you just like me, you don’t have money.”

“How the hell do you think you can afford that?”

“How?” “How?” “HOW?”

Stuff like that reminds your brain that “Oh ja, I must remember to be broke today again, I almost forgot.”

“My friend is such an awesome friend by reminding me that I am as broke as he is, and I will never amount to anything more in my life, ever.”

I don’t know but there is something about inflicting pain against oneself that gets people addicted to it.

Masochism [I’m educating you, look it up:D].

This depression is so addictive that they can’t help but sway back and forth from it like a “quick fix.”

I, on the other hand, surround myself with wealth!!

Wealth in the form of surrounding me with friends who aim for success regardless of what is said outside of them, for example.

That true success that does not compete.

You compete, you ending up fighting.

You fight for something because of how you have allowed it to influence you.

Putting you in a position of reacting, or being receiver.

The success I mentioned above is the success that influences others.

The success that, the friends I love achieve through GIVING.

And hear me well here, you can only give if – and only if – you believe you are abundant.

Now tell me, how – in this-world-of-love-in-all-forms – can a mind that believes in a universe that is limited, be able to Give?

You are what you believe, so if you say something is limited, you are just saying that it is You that is limited.

“…built in the likeness and image of God.”

That means you can create like God can.

So you rip yourself completely off your “creation ability” by not believing in wealth…beyond reason.

“Choose your thoughts, because the manifest and become your express.”

You now deep, deep, down in your heart that this is true.

That is why you are rejecting it because acceptance of this takes you out of your comfort zone.

And we don’t want that to happen now do we?

– Musa23

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