"Wealth Is A State Of Mind"

“Feel good.

My joy.

Declare: Joyful Expectation.

I am so happy and grateful now that I am R 500 000 Richer!

The images I hold in the mind, I attract.

Hold on to the thoughts of what I want.

Focus with all my intention.

Focus on what I want.

Attracting predominate thoughts.

What I think about, I bring about.

Law obedient to thought.

Positive thoughts are powerful.

Choose your thoughts.

Thoughts create feelings.

Receive what I feel about.

Predominant feelings.

Thoughts & feelings create my life.

1. Ask – let universe know what I want
2. Believe – believe that it is already yours: no need to know how it will manifest “I know, like I know, like I know that it is on the way”
3. Receive – feel the way you feel when it arrives NB: need feel wonderful, need to feel good.

If action is required, don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t’ doubt. When the nudge from within is there…ACT.

The universe likes speed.

To change my circumstances I must change my thinking.

List of things to be grateful.

What I already have.

Attitude of gratitude.


And act as if I have already.

When I visualize I materialize.

The mind can’t distinguish whether I am really doing it or it’s a practice.

When you’ve been there in the mind, you will go there in the body.

Feelings that creates the attraction.

Dwell upon the end result.

Feel the joy.

Feel the happiness = opens the doorway for the universe to express itself.


Getting into the state of already acquiring!

1. Decide what I want.

2. Believe I can have it.

3. Believe I deserve and that it is possible for me.

4. Close my eyes for several minutes.

Visualize having what I already want and feeling the feelings of already having.

Come out of that and focus on what I am grateful for already and enjoy it, release to universe and trust that the universe will figure how it will manifest.”

Random note taking, mixed with personal affirmation, from The Secret (Extended Edition)

– Musa23

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