The Foundations Of The Church

I guess for me to experience God the opposite should exist.

That being fear.

And according to the Church, my Church, I must work for the salvation of my soul through participating in the activities of the church.

That way I will guarantee myself a one way ticket to Heaven.

Because this is written in the Bible, I cannot quote you the verse as yet, and that means God said so.

And who am I do go against what God has “said?”

…well what God has said, and what Man has written are two entirely different things.

Especially when what Man has written goes against what I feel in relation to the scripture.

Free will vs. The 10 Commandments.

I believe that God is not a contradiction.

I do believe though that if one thinks thoughts that do harm to one’s self, they will be promoted into the world and come back to her in the form of circumstances and experiences.

So to sideline this law, one must do and think things that a God-like.

What I mean by this is that if I do things that are motivated by feelings of love, I am indirectly/ directly promoting the word of God.

Because God is Love.

And one should not sacrifice anything to experience Love.

One should just be…something I will explain to you later.

Wena just keep in mind that if what you feel goes against what you hear, listen to the voice within.

Because that is when God is talking to you.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

ReCreation III

In ReCreation part 2 I wrote, in layman’s terms, that I receive what I promote.

I receive, in the form of circumstances and experiences, that which I have created relative to the dominate images I hold in my head and my dominate feelings.

Feelings which I referred to as my vibration.

“A human transmitting tower that sends out a frequency which bounces back as circumstances and experiences.”

It is this feedback I receive that is in fact Me in a different light.

As if I am sitting back watching and experiencing myself from a different perceptive.

That is why it is improper to be pissed off or angered about what so and so is doing to me, because I am just experiencing a different side of myself.

I am not saying that I should refrain from getting ticked off by a taxpayer I am assisting, who is trying to undermine my intelligence.

I should and I must…but I must take a moment, breath [what I call Releasing] and realize that I must get my hands dirty and Influence and ReCreate my experience of myself.

Because this is “Musa” in another form.

Albeit a disrespectful version of myself, worthy of a lashing, it is still me.

“every thing is energy” I was reminded.

So wrapping all of my actions with a fabric of love, guarantees me a high and lucrative return on my investments.

In the form of people, circumstances, and experiences that will echo the love I am promoting, keeping my in this cycle of abundance and joy and happiness.

…because I call the shots.

– Musa23

Recreation II

I was thinking that for there to be a frequency, there must be a vibration.

It is this frequency being transmitted by the Source, that returns back to you [the Source] multiplied.

So in essence, the Source can actually “predict” the future through the vibration it is in.

“do unto others, what you would like to be done unto you”

If the above is true, do you see how we create our life experiences through the vibration, feelings, we are in.

And your feelings will tell you immediately what type of thoughts you are thinking.

“…I think of myself as a magnet, and I know that a magnet will attract to it” – John Assaraf

The Source can depict what vibration it is in, with or without external influences.

I tend to allow my environment to influence me and then falsely believing that I am not in total control of my life.

Since external forces are the ones responsible for throwing me in whatever direction they want.

But after taking a moment and beginning to become conscious of the things I do and say and believe, I begin to see that I am not the puppet but the puppeteer.

Because it is these thoughts and actions and feelings that I “throw out” into the world, that boomerang back in the form of circumstances and experiences, related to the vibration I am in.

Be it a vibration of fear or a vibration of love, or anything between.

Who’s truly calling the shots?

– Musa23

Recreation I

In a previous post tagged “Enemy Of My Enemy” I spoke about being filled up from within.

I was reminded about this statement this morning when I reminded myself of who I am.

And part of what makes up Musa aka Musawenkosi Tshoaele is this very blog:

My creation.

A creation that always me to look at myself from an objective perspective.

To add to or subtract from anything I love or want to do away with.

The art of “recreation.”

“…the sculpture your are sculpting is you…” – Joe Vitale.

The thought of it warms my heart, and I will go deeper into this in my posts to come.

– Musa23

How To Differentiate A Friend From Your Worst Enemy


I have, more like had, a friend who thrived on competing for almost everything he wanted from life.

“Life…Universe…God…same thing.”

He even read books about how one must “fight” for whatever he wants.

Survival of the fittest, be it mentally or physically.

He expects so much from his environment.

What I mean by this is that he wants his environment to give to him.

An open invitation for his environment to influence…him.

Always wanting to be the receiver, something which is out of sync with his core design as a Giver.

If you think about it, that’s a whole new perspective of looking at the world…

Like, instead of you expecting others to contribute to you growth or influence you, why don’t you do the influencing?

‘Cause if you think about expecting others to give to you is in actually making a statement that you lack that which you are expecting.

“Just like asking for something in a prayer to God, for example, shows your lack of it.”

“Where as giving a prayer of thanksgiving prior its physical attainment produces maximum results.”

Your actions are continuously screaming out what your dominate thoughts are entertaining.

Which in this case are thoughts of lack.

It’s an unconscious reaction of limitation that one becomes victim to.

As to why?

Well I could make assumptions such as maybe picking such personality traits from people you admire and mimic through thought and action.

But honestly and personally, I don’t know why we do that….ok maybe I do but that’s another post and I’m deviating from this one so let’s make a U-turn.

But anyways here I am thinking that this guy [“friend”] is motivated by fear because he keeps on competing for change.

He lacks it, and continues to remind himself and reaffirm it through believing in lack symbolised by the physical objects around him, or the “lack of them”.

What I have come to term as “Appearance.”

A question I want to throw at you: How do you know that you are broke?

  • Is it from numbers of your bank balance?
  • Would you know you broke from the empty bread bin with hungry mouths to feed, yours included?
  • You know you broke from begging for money from people?
  • Or is it from the worn out clothes or footwear that have been to more trips to the repairman than you would like?

I mean all the above is “true”…because you believe it.

You don’t have anything else to tell you otherwise right?

I mean if you broke, you broke there is no two ways about…

But then again if you think and feel broke, mentioning it every chance you get, I mean…wouldn’t all you see be anything and everything but lack?

Or things that suggest it.

So in fact you have just successfully managed, with flying colours, to get yourself trapped in a net of your consistent and persistent design of “the lack of.”

If you believe in something it tends to become true.

ESPECIALLY if you continue to do through the company you keep.

“So how you are going to pay for your next instalment?”

“You should have never have bought that.”

“Don’t kid yourself you just like me, you don’t have money.”

“How the hell do you think you can afford that?”

“How?” “How?” “HOW?”

Stuff like that reminds your brain that “Oh ja, I must remember to be broke today again, I almost forgot.”

“My friend is such an awesome friend by reminding me that I am as broke as he is, and I will never amount to anything more in my life, ever.”

I don’t know but there is something about inflicting pain against oneself that gets people addicted to it.

Masochism [I’m educating you, look it up:D].

This depression is so addictive that they can’t help but sway back and forth from it like a “quick fix.”

I, on the other hand, surround myself with wealth!!

Wealth in the form of surrounding me with friends who aim for success regardless of what is said outside of them, for example.

That true success that does not compete.

You compete, you ending up fighting.

You fight for something because of how you have allowed it to influence you.

Putting you in a position of reacting, or being receiver.

The success I mentioned above is the success that influences others.

The success that, the friends I love achieve through GIVING.

And hear me well here, you can only give if – and only if – you believe you are abundant.

Now tell me, how – in this-world-of-love-in-all-forms – can a mind that believes in a universe that is limited, be able to Give?

You are what you believe, so if you say something is limited, you are just saying that it is You that is limited.

“…built in the likeness and image of God.”

That means you can create like God can.

So you rip yourself completely off your “creation ability” by not believing in wealth…beyond reason.

“Choose your thoughts, because the manifest and become your express.”

You now deep, deep, down in your heart that this is true.

That is why you are rejecting it because acceptance of this takes you out of your comfort zone.

And we don’t want that to happen now do we?

– Musa23

Why Financial Success Eludes Me

I told my girlfriend that there will come a time when I would write an entry on how, and more importantly Why, success – or the possibility of it, makes me uncomfortable.

And just like my previous post about The Power Of Purpose, I will turn within to find the answers to this self imposed question.

I would think that success to me, be it financially or otherwise, eludes me due to my low self esteem.

I think there is a certain confidence that a successful person has in order for her not to only attain wealth (be it spiritually, mentally, or physically) but to also believe she deserves it.

Or that she is worthy of it.

A certain “money-conscious” attitude that seems to attract the good in every act that she does.

A state of mind that anyone can adopt by fail to do so due to the perceptions they hold about themselves with relations to success.

Who Is Musawenkosi Tshoaele?

One of the guys I am following on Twitter mentioned something about not referring at your past failures or experiences but to undertake whatever task you are facing with a new and positive attitude.

A mindset free from negative influences but a mind filled with positivity and enthusiasm.

It made me think of how I allow past bad experiences influence my present action.

I tend to dwell more on the bad experiences and feeling imprisoned due to them instead of celebrating the good experiences.

I think it came from believing that humility comes from accepting things as they were.

Which was, at that time, having to work around the lack my life was surrounded with and not longing for more.

As a kid I was giving the idea that wanting more would mean that I am ungrateful for what I already have.

Even though what I did have warranted the longing for more.

Irrational I know, but it was the credo I have lived most of my life by.

And accepting a concept either than the one I was raised by takes me out of my comfort zone.

And anything beyond my comfort I reject, it’s a reflex that has me going in circle.

Averting success in every corner.

“Success Lies At The Edge Of Our Comfort Zone”

It was like, every time I accomplished something worth rejoicing I immediately (and unconsciously) scold myself from ever enjoying the moment, enjoying the feeling because I did not display “humility”.

And humility to me definition was being poor and staying poor.

I don’t slouch or hang my head to show my humility.

And because I don’t do that I am being disrespectful to the “universe” or “my ancestors” or “God.”

And we can’t have that since I was raised to respect all.

This has become a daily habit that I imposed on almost every achievement I have accomplished.

Like that “one step forward, and two step back” effect I am having with success, or the acquiring of it.

Come to think about it it’s quite ironic that I now preach about how one’s most important desire is to get rich.

Law of attraction this, law of attraction that.

Promoting the legitimacy of following your desire especially if it is moving you towards the wanting for more even if it might be against those religious beliefs you hold dear to, for example.

Or even going against your upbringing.

Or, like in my case, both.

What Needs To Happen?

  • Prayer Of Thanksgiving: Gratitude.
  • Visualization Exercises.
  • Autosuggestion.
  • Plan and Execute.
  • Celebrate Achievements, past and present.
  • Hang around guys who will boost my self esteem.
  • Believe in my magnificence, like any other “part of God” would.
  • And to try by all means to think in terms of the Love that creates and is thus abundant, instead of the Fear that competes and is thus limiting.

I must also remember that success is another way God communicates with me.

Another way to tell me that He loves me without condition and that I must look out for more ways He can talk to me.

And allow myself to experience that love.

I am closer to God with every successful act I do.

I cannot allow financial success elude me because I am in actuality running away from God.

I do that, I shut myself out from the Supply.

Damned to experience a life of lack.

– Musa23

"Wealth Is A State Of Mind"

“Feel good.

My joy.

Declare: Joyful Expectation.

I am so happy and grateful now that I am R 500 000 Richer!

The images I hold in the mind, I attract.

Hold on to the thoughts of what I want.

Focus with all my intention.

Focus on what I want.

Attracting predominate thoughts.

What I think about, I bring about.

Law obedient to thought.

Positive thoughts are powerful.

Choose your thoughts.

Thoughts create feelings.

Receive what I feel about.

Predominant feelings.

Thoughts & feelings create my life.

1. Ask – let universe know what I want
2. Believe – believe that it is already yours: no need to know how it will manifest “I know, like I know, like I know that it is on the way”
3. Receive – feel the way you feel when it arrives NB: need feel wonderful, need to feel good.

If action is required, don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t’ doubt. When the nudge from within is there…ACT.

The universe likes speed.

To change my circumstances I must change my thinking.

List of things to be grateful.

What I already have.

Attitude of gratitude.


And act as if I have already.

When I visualize I materialize.

The mind can’t distinguish whether I am really doing it or it’s a practice.

When you’ve been there in the mind, you will go there in the body.

Feelings that creates the attraction.

Dwell upon the end result.

Feel the joy.

Feel the happiness = opens the doorway for the universe to express itself.


Getting into the state of already acquiring!

1. Decide what I want.

2. Believe I can have it.

3. Believe I deserve and that it is possible for me.

4. Close my eyes for several minutes.

Visualize having what I already want and feeling the feelings of already having.

Come out of that and focus on what I am grateful for already and enjoy it, release to universe and trust that the universe will figure how it will manifest.”

Random note taking, mixed with personal affirmation, from The Secret (Extended Edition)

– Musa23

How Bad Do You Want It?

I am asking myself why is it that I am still working at getting to where I want to be in life.

Then I realised that I want the freedom but I am afraid of the hustle.

Talk is cheap.

Action, on the other hand, takes balls.

Of the bronze type.

Then again it is only as hard as I make it.

Then it came to me that Napoleon Hill mentioned something about Planning in a book of his I read.

And the persistence and resilience behind the realisation of the goal, in order for it to manefest into the physical.

Not only in my mind but on paper too, for starters anyway.

I continued my inner dialogue with another question of what could be stopping me from writing up such a plan.

The persistence, the resilience, the passion is there to see me through any undertaking.

I mean look at what I have acquired in such a short space of time.

For my age I could say, in comparison my fellow counterparts, I am living a life of luxury.

But what could be hindering me from reaching my ultimate desire, which all begins with a plan, my blueprint, towards its manifestation?

The one word that came from within, in reply to the above was Procrastination…

There are unexplainable forces that draw you closer to your desire every time you focus on them with the purpose of seeing them become reality.

The more you would want something, with every fiber of your being, the more these unseen forces break through barriers with unrealistic speed in order for you to receive that which you long for.

But it all starts with a plan.

This vision of where you want to be, who you want to become, and what you want to have.

The statement “live believing, with thought and feeling, that you have received and you will receive” comes to mind.

But the equation I missed in the above formula is having thisPurpose, that holds the magic of my attraction.

It’s that INTENSE feeling you have before you receive.

Believing that it [my goal or desire] is true, mine, for me, and not allowing anyone or anything to tell me otherwise.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

So what was happening was that from day one I was making powerless affirmation without the “death wish mentality…” mentioned by Chika Onyeani in the book “The Capitalist Nigger,” of the realisation of the purpose behind the affirmation, which is imperative with regards to the whole exercise.

It’s the Purpose behind my affirmations that carry the weight and power that moves people and circumstances towards the thing that I desire.

And it is this “secret” that I need to internalise and move mountains with in order for my dream to become tangible.

…the Purpose behind the goal and its attainment.

So in truth you can really get anything you want, but it all depends on Who Badly You Want It.

And I am not talking about staying true to the fulfillment of this purpose for the next 30 days and then putting it on hold when something else comes your way.

I am referring to the unwavering faith in this purpose that will last you a lifetime, if need be, until whatever desire you wish for, and has become a part of you, and eventually comes into being.

What lies to be seen is whether I have the inner willpower to burn the boats behind me and face either death or glory…

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

What Is The Purpose Of Life? Part III

I thank Mbalenhle Ndovela, my facebook friend, for the inspiration behind this post.

To experience more of the good things that life has to offer, one must surround herself with people that contribute, in one way or the other, to her personal growth.

These are friends who add value to your life and don’t make more withdrawals than deposits in your Emotional Bank Account.

(This “account” is a concept created by Dr. Stephen R. Covey which came to my attention in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)

Surrounding yourself with anything else will limit your thinking instead of expanding it.

And a mind that expands will continue to do so especially one that seeks Truth.

Neale Donald Walsch touched on something, when I got a chance to listen to only a portion of his audio material where he was having Conversations with God, that in truth there are only two main emotions:

  • an emotion of love;
  • and an emotion of fear.

So in actuality we base our decision in either a sponsoring thought of Love or a sponsoring thought of Fear.

It is the latter that both my cousin, Nombali Ntuli, and me feel that most of us Thinking Beings favour the most.

Hence the condition the world is currently in.

It is from this “source of fear” that spawns out feelings of, as shown in The Secret DVD, of:

  • Depression;
  • Guilt;
  • Resentment;
  • Hatred;
  • Revenge;
  • Anger;
  • Criticism/ Blame;
  • Worry;
  • Annoyance;
  • and Boredom.

Feelings that Lisa Nichols says are “…those feelings that don’t make you feel empowered.

Whereas its complete opposite, a “source of Love“, blossoms out – in its contagious abundance, feelings of:

  • Satisfaction;
  • Hope;
  • Joyful Expectation;
  • Happiness/ Excitement;
  • Passion;
  • Joy;
  • and Gratitude.

In retrospect it was this emotion of fear that I was brought up with by two of my greatest teachers: both my mother and my father.

And if I were to receive Love, it would be conditional.

“If you don’t do this I won’t give you that,” for example.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am just trying to prove a point. I am not being ungrateful.

And Jack Canfield did mention “…about 85% of families are dysfunctional, so it’s like all of a sudden you aren’t so unique”

Then again how else could they have raised me either than the way THEY have been raised?

Therefore hanging with so called friends who propagate such fears with the way they perceive life, through their thoughts, actions, words and feelings would also influence my perception of life towards the negative.

With me stating that the purpose of life is for us to experience Joy, I don’t think surrounding myself with people who are down and are taking me down with them, with their attitude towards life, would be a smart move on my part.

And as for you, well that is something I wanted you to think about.

…As within, so without.

© Musa Tshoaele