Be Careful Who You Take Advice From…Myself Included

I need to train my mind into not accepting other people’s motivated opinions just because they present them as fact.

Because if I do accept them without contest then I would be denying myself the right to life.

“It is pointless doing…because the end result will always be the same.”

In such cases if “the end result is always the same” then the problem is with the method…

And who is to say that the person giving this “advice” has the grounds to do so.

Heck, she might even just be passing along the same “advice” she received from someone who also gave up at the first sign of defeat.

Not to discredit the thoughts I write in this online journal of mine, mind you.

But the good thing about opinions is that they may give you possible obstacles to be on the lookout for.

And for the mere fact that they a called “obstacles” means they can be Overcome!

Things which discouraged those who fell before you when met with adversity, not being aware that such adversities are the stepping stones towards success.

That one key that would open the door that leads you directly to your desired goal.

The floodgates of all your wealth.

A goal that has not been reached because you dropped your head in disappointment, missing the hand out God/Universe had prepared for you.

You start all over again and you fail, you start all over again and you fail, you start all over again and you fail,

…you fail,

…you fail,

…you fail,

…you fail,

…you fail,

…you fail,

until you run out of things to fail on.

And that is one of the things that will make you a Success…because you failed …to quit.

What I find amusing is that some of these opinions that deny you the possibility to advance come from people who you trust, like family, spouse, friend or someone who you respect and hold close to your heart.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote “the right to life is to develop.”

That is why I believe no one has the right diminish the light that will grow into the born fire that burns your desire and passion.

Regardless of their protective, caring or loving intentions.

Just because she could not do it, does not mean it cannot be done.

I need to remind myself that if I feel that I am beat and I have fallen, that there is a lesson that I have missed during fall.

And that this is were all my senses should be up, because that is the signal that I have been waiting for.

It has arrived, and I dare not drop my head in dissapointment or else I’ll miss it.

A lesson I need to learn and master in order for me to get back on my BMX bicycle.

And ride out of this rat race like the other children.

And that is why I need to focus on this one idea and ride it out until I achieve.

Desire – Focus – Persistence – Faith – Success.

Desire – Focus – Persistence – Faith – Success.

Desire – Focus – Persistence – Faith – Success.

Desire – Focus – Persistence – Faith – Success.

Persistence – Persistence – Persistence – Persistence Persistence – Persistence – Persistence…


– Musa23