"The Way You See The Problem, Is The Problem."

I need to change my perception of life.

I need to change the way I see things.

To see life as Abundant and Unlimited rather than basing my beliefs on the lack and limitation I see around me.


I have come to believe in a theory taken from a book by Wallace D. Wattles that: Life Is Developing.

Life is in a continuous flow and motion of growth.

Life is more.

That is why we have advanced from the Stone Age to our this current Age.

That is why seeds grow and develop into oak trees for example.

That is why one sentence grows and develops into the best selling religious book of all time.

That is why from sitting I learnt how to crawl, to stand, to walk, to run, and to fly.

A motion of development that is so easy to do due to its alignment to the laws of nature.

A law of motion.

A law, I believe, I should not swim against in order for me to reap the benefits that come from it.

That come from being “natural”.

And it is because of this motion that will be forever growing and continuously in the state of development that for me to believe in terms of lack and limitation, when I actually live in a world that keeps on supplying the fortunate with more, would only be confining me within self constructed walls of lack.

This improper and sinful perception will not only keep me poor financially but mentally and spiritually so.

With the dissatisfaction and frustration and resentment and depression that comes along with it.

A cycle of negativity that will keep me burying myself alive and blocking me from noticing the lifelines I would need to scoop me out of the hell I have constructed and thus exposed to.

All because of the way I see things, my perception.

A lifetime conditioning that needs to be “de-conditioned” through methods like Autosuggestion explained in detail in the book Think and Grow Rich where I can influence my subconscious mind through resilient self suggestion.

And prayer.

Keeping in mind that by asking I am stating that I don’t have that which I ask for.

Thus pushing it further away from me.

I should rather be thankful for its attainment even before it comes to me physically.

The strength of the emotion of gratitude I hold while giving this prayer of thanksgiving will determine how fast God show me a way of bringing that which I am thankful for to me.

In this case a perception change.

This exercise will also strengthen my Faith.

Something which needs much exercise.

The power of Gratitude

– Musa23

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